Terelu Campos admits that the relationship is over and that he will never forgive her

Terelu Campos confirmed that the relationship is broken and that there is no possibility of rekindling the situation. For a long time they had been very close, but when the time came they decided it was best to distance themselves. Over time, Maria Teresa's daughter has revealed the reasons for the separation.

The presenter reviewed this Friday a save me to his friendship with Rosa Benito. They once became intimate, but their story deteriorated over time. To the point that if they crossed the corridors of Mediasetthey would not speak to each other.

Terelu had no problem explaining the reasons that led her to stay away from Rocío Jurado's sister-in-law. I understood that it was an accumulation of facts, where a detail had also had a great influence. Especially the behavior the hairdresser had had with her niece Rocío Carrasco.

He explained that they had shared very good times a telecinc. The presenter pointed out that he was one of the people who accompanied her the most in the hardest afternoons of save me. It was his turn to stand up for the family and sometimes he endured complicated situations.

He even went so far as to consult the journalist on how to approach certain issues such as, for example, everything that affected Antonio David. The communicator admitted that somehow they both had the same interests.

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However, he remembers that there were two episodes that really upset him and that took a toll on his friendship. She assures convinced that he would even avoid greeting her because of all the wrong done. He qualifies as "barbarity" some words he said about Maria Teresa in his day and which he still remembers very vividly.

Terelu Campos she remembers that Rosa Benito had said that her mother forced Jurado to attend her program. It was a kind of "blackmail", when the artist was already ill. That upset the family a lot.

It happened several years ago and time seemed to heal the wounds. They got along and everything was going great, but she always saw how Amador's wife wasn't exactly generous with her.

The presenter of save me reveals that she did everything possible to defend Rosario Mohedano. I wanted him to have a chance to make a place for himself in the music world. And at all times he supported her and never had a bad word towards her as it happened with other colleagues like Kiko Hernandez.

But there is something that really bothers him about the one who was his best friend. He has no compassion for his niece, Rocío Carrasco. He confesses that he does not understand the behavior he has had with Jurado's daughter.

Rosa Benito talking to reporters


Both knew each other perfectly and there were no secrets between them. But the communicator pointed out that she kept silent many times on Rociíto's orders. She didn't want to say anything that could negatively affect her friend.

Terelu Campos saw a change in attitude

Terelu Campos he believes that behind Rosa's change is hidden a certain influence from the family. She suspects that the hairdresser's feelings for her were not real.

In addition, he wanted to highlight the important role played by Fidel Albiac's wife. He says he stood up for his aunt many times after Amador's slights. He had even sung forty to whoever was representing the Jurado after his constant uglies at the hairdresser.

After everything that has happened, it is not explained what they have done to Rocío. In recent days, she was even accused of falsifying documents. Facts that can cause very serious consequences for Chayo's mother, who will have to face a criminal lawsuit.

Terelu Campos I would be in favor of everything being resolved and peace reigning in this family. But he suspects there will be few options for reconciliation.

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