The 3-year-old girl who was fighting for her life in an ICU in Castelló has died

The worst news has arrived from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Hospital General de Castelló. The three-year-old girl who was fighting for her life for days has died. The girl was admitted in a serious condition last September 29, after being rescued from a swimming pool with symptoms ofdrowning.

During all these days, the family of the minor has kept the hope that she will go ahead. However, his state of health has worsened and the dreaded outcome has finally occurred. The girl was without oxygen for a long time and this caused very serious injuries.

thedrowning of this little girl has caused a deep commotion in her surroundings and in the city of Castelló. It's a particularly tricky year when it comes to drownings. Deaths by drowning have experienced an upswing, and many are minor.

  1. He was participating in a swimming course
  2. Course led by two instructors
  3. A year with many drownings

He was participating in a swimming course

Last September 29, a three-year-old girl had to be rescued from a pool at the Urban Sport gym in Castelló. He was taking a swimming lesson when he suddenly appeared floating in the water. The National Police keeps an investigation open in case there was negligence.

Image of the bottom of a swimming pool.

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The officers questioned the witnesses of the event and reviewed the camera recordings to clarify the facts. The minor was participating in an introductory swimming class. They suddenly realized that she was floating in the water and immediately pulled her out.

The victim's mother was in the pool and there were very nervous moments. There was also a nurse from the Benicàssim clinic, who was witnessing the son's class. She was the first to practice first aid, but it was too late.

Course led by two instructors

The introductory swimming class was led by two instructors who also assisted with CPR. Emergency services were quickly dispatched to the scene. Medical care services continued with cardiopulmonary resuscitation tasks.

The little girl went into a coma and was for some time without oxygen to her brain, which would have caused serious damage. Paramedics managed to revive and stabilize the victim. She was transferred to the General Hospital of Castelló, where she was admitted to the intensive care unit in critical condition.

The doctors kept the little girl alive all these days, but she finally died. The investigation tries to clarify what went wrong so that this minor, under the care of two monitors, suffereddrowning. For now, the gym has declined to make any statement about the facts.

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A year with many drownings

The event caused a great uproar in the facility, where everyone tried to help save this little girl's life. The two monitors pulled her out of the water and two nurses started first aid. One was present and the other went from a medical center near the gym.

Local Police officers were the first to arrive and also collaborated with resuscitation tasks. They managed to recover the girl's vital signs and take her to the hospital by ambulance. The officers cut off traffic at several points to facilitate the quick evacuation of the girl.

The news of the minor's death days after what happened has tinged the city with mourning. All in all, in a year where deaths by drowning they have reached a figure that had not been seen for many years. The majority are minors drowned in accidents due to carelessness or lack of attention.

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