The Assembly of Corsica pays tribute to Yvan Colonna

A portrait of Yvan Colonna was stencilled in front of the church before his funeral ceremony in Cargese on March 25, 2022.

Abused by the nationalists in the street in recent weeks on the grounds that the riots gave birth in seven days to the embryo of a political process while it was powerless to initiate it in seven years, the assembly of Corsica has wanted to reposition itself at the center of the game, Thursday, March 31, during the ordinary session.

The debates, initially scheduled for last week, had been postponed due to the funeral of Yvan Colonna, fatally assaulted in detention on March 2 and buried in his village of Cargèse (Corse-du-Sud) on March 25. For the occasion, Gilles Simeoni had decided to place the flags of the Corsica community at half mast, which Emmanuel Macron had judged to be a ” mistake “.

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During the session, the territorial elected officials observed, Thursday, March 31 afternoon, a minute of silence to pay tribute to the nationalist condemned for the assassination of the prefect Claude Erignac to life imprisonment. It is moreover the figure of Yvan Colonna, whom certain slogans displayed on the banners now designate as a “martyr of the Corsican cause”, which hovered over the hemicycle, since the territorial advisers expressed their “emotion” and delivered their position on the situation during debates that looked like political group therapy.

A “duty of success”

This session takes place while on April 8 will be held, place Beauvau, the great oral of Corsica, to lay the groundwork for the process of autonomy. Visiting the island from March 16 to 18, the Minister of the Interior had undertaken to start discussions around the institutional future of the island. A promise conditioned on the return of calm to the streets, shaken by violent riots.

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Gérald Darmanin had then designated Gilles Simeoni as being the privileged interlocutor of these negotiations, even if, since, the fact that the president of the executive carried the coffin of Yvan Colonna the evening of his arrival in Ajaccio tense the Elysium.

“How are we going to get out of the present cycle, how are we going to build the next one? How are we going to turn the page, without forgetting anything of the past but by taking away from hatred its eternity to take up somewhat the thought of Barbara Cassin? »wondered the president of the assembly of Corsica, Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis, who advances a “duty of success” for the future of the island. This new chapter must go through one “common language”far from there “semantic one-upmanship”. This led to the inscription on banners of the slogan “statu inglese assassinu” (“French murderous state”) during the recent demonstrations.

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