The Catalan Carme Chaparro breaks down in tears because of the complicated battle and offers help

Carmen Chaparro she is very worried about Amaia Montero. Carme knows that the singer is not going through her best moment, which is why she wanted to show her all her support publicly.

  1. A complicated trance
  2. Wave of affection on social networks
  3. Carme Chaparro and his especially loud gesture
  4. The good side of existence

A complicated trance

Amaia has raised all the alarms in recent days after sharing on the profile ofInstagram a peculiar image. You can see his face in the foreground visibly degraded. She is approaching 50 and the passage of time has taken its toll on her as it has on anyone else.

As if that wasn't enough to worry her fans, Amaia Montero pointed out next to the image as she currently is: "If hope is the last thing that dies and I haven't lost it yet, what good is the life?".

Close-up of Amaia Montero.


Wave of affection on social networks

The snapshot quickly went viral and the artist's post received numerous comments. His followers showed him all the necessary support to overcome this depression that he seems to be going through.

Not only the fans of Amaia Montero wanted to have this beautiful gesture. Other familiar faces like Paula EchevarriaDiana Navarro or Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo wanted to send their best wishes to the Basque Country in these difficult times.

Photo by Amaia Montero

| Europa Press

Carme Chaparro and his especially loud gesture

Carme Chaparro went one step further and after seeing the image she wanted to give her opinion in front of the microphonesEuropa Press. The communicator is very proud of Amaia Montero, she considers that this very personal publication is an act of total courage. "You have to be very brave to publish this photograph", assured the journalist.

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The truth is that she "doesn't look good" and, despite this, she wanted to show her current appearance without filters or retouching. "All of us who are dedicated to this know that at a certain age the skin falls or the jowls become noticeable. It depends on the light, the angle... you can go wrong and she has been very brave to post an image in which she is not favored by the current beauty canons. An 'olé' for her!" said Chaparro.

Carme is clear that many other well-known faces should follow Amaia Montero's example. Sharing images in which one is not favored is an initiative that Chaparro proposes to join, it is always a point in favor that naturalness prevails over what is artificial.

Carme Chaparro suffers from deafness


"We should all go out more often showing photos from angles that don't favor us. Not to take twenty photos of ourselves and upload the image in which we look better", explained Carme Chaparro in her speech. "Long live Amaia Montero and all! Just as we have made claims in which we threw a bucket of ice water on each other, we will all take photos of ourselves in which we go out with a jowl and the light is bad," he added.

The good side of existence

As for the artist's reflection on the meaning of life, Carme Chaparro is clear. From his point of view, life "is used for many things. Life can be a hole and it can be sad at times, but you have to find pleasure in the little things every day, which age teaches you.'

Photo by Amaia Montero.


Of course, even famous people go through bad streaks, but that doesn't mean they should lose hope. Life can be wonderful if you look for the kinder side.

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