The children of Rosa Benito, more worried than ever to confirm the news of the prison

Rosa Benito he has had very hard times in his life, but now he is facing one of the most difficult. Rosa Benito has gravely accused his niece, Rocío Carrascoand the production company La Fábrica de la Tele. Accusation that will bring her before the courts and that could have fatal consequences for her.

If she is found guilty, it could plunge her into a complicated financial situation. I could even go to jail.

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  1. Rosa Benito and her accusation
  2. Rosa Benito worries about her children

Rosa Benito and her accusation

The ex-wife of Amador Mohedano spent many years defending Rocío on television sets. He positioned himself next to Carrasco highlighting the ordeal he had suffered with Antonio David. What's more, she recounted the great help that she and her partner, Fidel Albiac, had given her and her husband on numerous occasions to deal with their debts.

However, when Carrasco's docuseries began to air, Benito's stance changed substantially. The fact that in this production the protagonist exposed the questionable behavior of the whole family caused the Alicante to change sides, where it continues to be.

The collaborator of It's already noon she keeps denying her niece, even though videos from the past show her that she used to say the opposite. But he doesn't seem to care, he dedicates himself solely and exclusively to denying everything Rocío says and this, now, has had consequences.

Photomontage by Rosa Benito and Rocío Carrasco

| Catalonia Daily

A few days ago, the daughter of 'La Jurado' showed some invoices showing that Benito, Amador and Chayo had paid for a special of her mother. Invoices that left no doubt, but which Rosa quickly denied. He published a tweet saying that these documents "are fake" and questioning data such as the signature or the date.

Wow, she accused her niece and the producer of the docuseries of a crime of forgery and this has had its consequences, as they have decided to sue her through criminal charges. This is what Carrasco has stated save me, and he added: "I, a chain and a production company responsible for a team, which is my team, are accused of making a false invoice. [...] Rosa would like to have the moral integrity that the team ofIn the name of Rocío. What she has is the loose finger, which has dedicated itself to the networks saying that it is a fake invoice and that if it doesn't know how to add up. The one who has to learn to add up and make an invoice is you, my life».

Rosa Benito worries about her children

Gloria Mohedano's sister-in-law, after learning of the legal actions that will be taken against her for her last message, has decided to act. She has deleted the controversial tweet she wrote and has prevented those who do not follow her from being able to read her messages. This without forgetting that when he returned to television he did not refer to Carrasco at all.

But it's too late to retract. Rocío's lawyers have in their possession the statement of the accusation, which they will use in the lawsuit and in the possible trial. A judgment that has Rosa and her children very worried, as they are aware of the situation she is facing.

Image of Amador Mohedano, Rosa Benito and Salvador Mohedano a few years ago.

| Europa Press

If Benito were convicted of false accusation, as indicated conferenceshe would face a stiff fine of between 12 and 24 months, which could again cause him to suffer serious financial problems, as recently. In the same way, you should know that you could be sentenced to a prison sentence of up to two years.

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