The departure of JxCat from the Catalan Government gives ERC more air in Congress

The departure of JxCat from the Government of Catalonia allows ERC to breathe and gives more air in Congress, which, although it has never conditioned its legislative strategy to this pro-independence formation, on occasions it did have to deal from Madrid with the requests for unity that came to it from the previous Executive of Pere Aragonès.

The Republicans will move more calmly before a formation with which they clashed in Congress in both social and economic matters: "We are formations with very different ideologies" and "it was complicated, when they asked us for unity in Madrid", they recognize in the environment of the parliamentary group, in addition to predicting that JxCAT will further mark its territory.

"Coordination in Madrid has never been fulfilled with ERC," sources from JxCat in Madrid also point out, stressing that "now you will see" the same speech in Congress as in Parliament, since Aragonès "has removed the mask".

The four JxCat deputies in the chamber will continue with their same "forceful" strategy in Congress, facing the measures of the coalition government that they do not like and negotiating amendments to the laws, the same sources indicate to EFE.

“Our speech has always been accompanied by data and we are very clear about who we are. We are not going to change anything”, they emphasize, while ERC and PDeCat warn that JxCat “will use all possible loudspeakers” to make a tough opposition.

And everything indicates that it will be so because in the JxCat environment it is ensured that they are now the only pro-independence Catalan party that will oppose the PSOE and United We Can and they consider that the Republicans have been carried away by the Spanish left.

Meanwhile, the PDeCat also looks askance at the new Catalan government and the possible ERC alliances with the PSC in Parliament, since they could be replicated in Congress and reduce their weight.

The 4 deputies of the PDeCat have become relevant in some initiatives when the Executive has had to pass laws with an alternative majority to that of its investiture partners, where the minority parties have been decisive, as happened with the approval of the labor reform.

In these events, the PDeCat has known how to play its cards and take advantage of its agreements with the PSOE, but if suddenly the PSC has an additional force in Parliament together with the ERC and this moves to Congress, the negotiating position of the PDeCat will be weakens.

"The dialogue that we have with the Government I do not think will be affected immediately", they affect EFE from this sovereigntist formation, which, in turn, is pleased that the new Minister of Social Rights, Carles Campuzano, has militated in his environment and have a "pragmatic" profile within the new Executive of Pere Aragonès.

The other pillar of a possible new arithmetic in Congress comes from the hand of En Comú Podem, after the entry of Gemma Ubasart as the new Minister of Justice, Rights and Memory. Political scientist who debuted in politics at Podem when Pablo Iglesias was at the head of Podemos.

The commons and the ERC have always been in the same orbit within Congress, Republican sources influence, who point out to EFE that "surely relations will be worked on" and add that with this signing and that of Campuzano ERC seeks "transversality".

ERC will thus try to counteract a position of JxCat that they foresee more radical, although the Republicans emphasize that they will not seek confrontation with anyone.

“We will go from law to law”, repeat the Republicans in Congress, who continue to warn that the relationship with the PSOE does not go through its best climate of trust since there are still difficulties in the housing law or in the gag law.

"Right now the spirit of trust can be improved," the same sources point out, while adding that "we are not going to generate a bad negotiating climate either."

The truth is that the first litmus test will be the amendments to the entire 2023 budget project, which although they are already considered overcome, will have a two-month process in which Sánchez's parliamentary partners will assert themselves. EFE

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