The first thing the doctor told Spiriman after he was diagnosed with lung cancer

The doctor who diagnosed the well-known doctor Jesús Candel with cancer left him speechless. This was confirmed in an interview by Spiriman, who died this Friday at the age of 46. The culprit of his death was the lung cancer that he was diagnosed with a little over 2 years ago and against which he fought endlessly.

Spiriman had always presented himself as a reference in the fight for public health. He got to lead a few demonstrations and protests in Andalusia in an attempt to defend the rights of citizens, but since June 2020, after detecting the disease, he decided to focus on treatment.

Through social networks he was revealing details of his recovery, he tried to fight until the last moment, as can be seen in one of the last posts on his social networks. "Even if we are in bed because of the huge amount of opioid analgesics, the pains or the fatigue, there is always someone who can help you," he said. He accompanied him with a video in which he appeared lying in the middle of a physiotherapy session.

Image of 'Spiriman' in the hospital receiving a chemotherapy session


  1. Spiriman knew there was something wrong inside him
  2. He did everything possible to fight the disease
    1. "Many who have very little are the ones who give the most"

Spiriman knew there was something wrong inside him

In an interview he gave last March to Onda Cero Granada, Spiriman revealed what his fight against cancer was like. He remembered how he had been diagnosed. "I had little desire to return to my job at the hospital, I wanted to change my lifestyle," he said.

He indicated that "I had a very unpleasant dream one night in Salamanca. I dreamed that I had something bad." That's why, when I came back from vacation, "I had a chest plate and it was rotten inside." The tests gave unpromising results. "Lung cancer, with metastasis, a pericardial effusion, broken ribs," he pointed out in the radio conversation.

From the first moment they were honest with him and made it clear to him that this cancer was "a stinger" that would kill him. However, his wife and his friends tried to cheer him up and told him that "you will not die". At all times they assured him that he had to be "strong because the muscle is essential to fight against the tumor". At that time, he admitted to being "fucking motherfucker, more alive than ever".

He understood that the origin of the disease was in everything he suffered in the past. "I hated so much to feel the injustices of so many people, I felt accelerated. Stress was the cause of my illness", he explained.

He did everything possible to fight the disease

When he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he decided to focus entirely on the disease and disconnected from social media, which invited many to think that he had died. Spiriman always attached great importance to physical exercise.

He saw it as the best remedy to feel a little better every day. He explained that he had "read and studied a lot about physical exercise as a therapy against cancer and I have applied it to my body". If necessary, he devoted "three hours a day" to physical activity.

The Granada doctor Jesús Candel has announced a relapse of cancer

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When he was diagnosed with the disease, his situation was so complicated that they decided to give him total incapacity. As expected, he always tried to lend a helping hand to others, especially the most vulnerable. There were many who were in a situation very similar to his.

"Many who have very little are the ones who give the most"

He decided to put himself in charge of the Oncology Patient Support Unit. In that adventure, he had the support of many people, who even moved him because of the commitment. He assured that "many who have very little are the ones who give the most". He also wanted to mention some "famous people who collaborate and tell me not to publish it".

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Spiriman says goodbye at the age of 46, being a standard-bearer in the fight for public health. For two years he took it upon himself to reveal the details of his illness through social networks.

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