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the government finally publishes the administrative investigation report

Food “insufficient”financial documents “insincere”budget surpluses generated on public allocations: the government finally published on Tuesday April 5 the administrative investigation report that it commissioned in February on Orpea and which points to serious dysfunctions within the private group of Ehpad.

The report, of more than 500 pages, is available ” it’s clear “ on the website of the Ministry of Health and Solidarity, where it is ” accessible to everyone “argued on Twitter the minister delegate in charge of the autonomy of the elderly, Brigitte Bourguignon. “Doubt has no place in this case”declared the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, who had entrusted this investigation to the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) and that of Social Affairs (IGAS) to shed light on the facts denounced by the journalist Victor Castanet in his book The Gravediggers.

The government announced on March 26 that it was taking legal action on the basis of the conclusions of this report and that it intended to require Orpea to reimburse public grants presumed to have been diverted from their purposes.

But he had taken refuge behind the “business secrecy” to initially refuse to make the report itself public. For their part, the leaders of Orpea said they were in favor of the publication of the document. Finally, passages from the version published on Tuesday are redacted with certain financial amounts.

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20 million euros surplus

According to the IGAS and IGF inspectors, the “steering” establishments of the Orpea group, often overcrowded, “prioritizes financial performance” rather than quality criteria. In terms of food, the “grammages” meals served to seniors are “significantly and systematically insufficient”.

From an accounting point of view, “the mandatory financial documents transmitted to the guardianship by the Ehpad are insincere and present non-regulatory charging practices for charges on care and dependency packages”.

Over the 2017-2020 period, Orpea thus generated a surplus of 20 million euros from the allocations paid by the public authorities to take charge of the care and dependency of its elderly residents.

In addition, over the same period, the company irregularly charged to the care package, paid for by public money, more than 50 million euros in expenses.

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