the head of Ukrainian military intelligence fears a separation from the country, as in Korea
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  • Joe Biden violently attacked Vladimir Putin on Saturday in Warsaw, calling him a ” Butcher “ and judging that he could not “not stay in power” after its invasion of Ukraine, a statement immediately tempered by the White House. The American president also warned Russia, urging Moscow not to ” not even [penser] to advance one centimeter into NATO territory”.
  • Ukrainian President, Volodomyr Zelensky, called, in his latest video on Saturday night, for Westerners to supply more weapons. “We must not only protect Ukraine but also the other countries of Eastern Europe, under the threat of a Russian invasion (…) Who runs NATO? Is it still Moscow, with intimidation? »he criticized.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukrainian affirmed on Saturday that Washington had no ” no objection “ the transfer of Polish fighter jets to Ukraine, weeks after the Pentagon said it rejected a similar proposal.
  • On the military frontUkrainian forces regained control of the city of Trostianets, in northeastern Ukraine, where fighting with Russian soldiers was raging, the Ukrainian defense ministry said on Saturday. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported a battle for control of two villages near Donetskin the Donbass.
  • About 120 km northeast of kyiv, the city of Chernihiv is surrounded by Russian forces and it is impossible to massively evacuate civilians and wounded, announced its mayor, Vladislav Atrochenko. The city of Lviv, in western Ukraine, relatively spared from the fighting so far, suffered Russian strikes on Saturday afternoon, leaving at least five wounded, according to the governor of the region.
  • According to Ukrainian regional authorities, the Russian army has taken control of the city of Slavutychwhere Chernobyl nuclear power plant personnel reside, briefly arresting the mayor and sparking pro-Ukrainian protests.
  • At the dawn of the 32and day of war, over ten million Ukrainians (out of about forty million) have fled their homes, of which 3.8 million have gone abroad, mainly to Poland, according to the United Nations tally released on Saturday. Almost 6.5 million are displaced inside Ukraine.

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