the left believes that Emmanuel Macron is responsible for the rise of the far right, the executive continues to target Marine Le Pen

It is a responsibility that his opponents intend to make him bear. Anne Hidalgo, PS candidate in the presidential election, as well as Adrien Quatennens, spokesperson for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, pointed the finger on Friday 1er April, the responsibility of Emmanuel Macron in the rise of Marine Le Pen and the far right in the polls, while the RN candidate is given in front of him in the second round, as in 2017.

” When (…) we make sure that the totally exploded political landscape is a landscape in which there would only be one candidate who would supposedly be the candidate of a form of reason, and opposite the extreme right, we play with fire and indeed everything is possible”estimated Anne Hidalgo on LCI.

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castigating the “social brutality” of the Head of State, Adrien Quatennens, for his part, estimated on Public Senate that ” These people [Emmanuel Macron et ses soutiens] participate in the progress of the far right in our country, by dint of breaking the social state, our model of social protection “.

“Mr. Macron has broad responsibilities in the climate he has installed in the country”, according to Mr. Coquerel

“Who other than Mr. Macron has trivialized far-right ideas, in particular by placing laws in the National Assembly, security, discriminatory laws, such as the law on separatism”, asked for his part the LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis Eric Coquerel on CNews. Far-right candidates “Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen just have to bend down to develop their potential electorate”he estimated.

“Mr. Macron has major responsibilities in the climate he has installed in the country, so he had better do some self-criticism about that”insisted the “rebellious” elected official, judging that the vote for Jean-Luc Mélenchon would be “the best way” to fight at the same time “the danger of the extreme right” and “Mr. Macron’s extreme liberalism”.

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While Marine Le Pen exceeded the threshold of 20% of voting intentions in some polls for the first round of April 10, Emmanuel Macron, given the lead at some 28%, attacked Thursday “the far-right tandem” Le Pen-Zemmour, regretting that their ideas are “trivialized” by “the media” and “Republican political forces”but assured that he did not have it ” never ” made.

In 2017, on the evening of his election, the elected candidate had promised that he “do everything” during his five-year term so that there is no “no more reason to vote for the extremes”, a sentence to which his opponents refer him today in the face of the soaring rise of Mme Le Pen and the emergence of the candidacy of Mr. Zemmour.

Jean Castex believes that Marine Le Pen demonstrates the “most absolute demagoguery”

As the first round approaches, the presidential candidate and his supporters are therefore trying to redirect his presidential match against the far right and unmask it. The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, returned to the offensive on Friday, on the sidelines of a trip, in front of the cameras and strained microphones. He considered that Marine Le Pen “makes believe that she has changed, she makes believe that she has become more flexible, more centrist, almost, but it’s a sham”.

He also attacked the far-right candidate and Mr. Zemmour, as well as the opposition more broadly, on the non-feasibility of their programs. For him, the far-right candidate demonstrates the “most absolute demagoguery” by putting forward proposals that are not “not feasible” : “We must tell our fellow citizens, it is not easy to govern a country like France, in a serious crisis, we cannot make people believe anything. »

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“Marine Le Pen and other candidates will in no way be able to do what they promise”, they “don’t tell the truth to the French”, he continued, citing for example promises to increase 10% wages, non-reimbursement of debt or freezing of energy prices.

Traveling to the Haguenau market in the Bas-Rhin on Friday, the RN candidate judged “quite heavy” the attacks of the executive and the supporters of Mr. Macron against it. “When we use this worn-out strategy of re-demonization, we have nothing to say about the substance”pinged the far-right candidate.

“It’s the return of the old world, the least imaginative” and “It won’t get him very far”added Marine Le Pen, before adding: “Emmanuel Macron would do better to explain his record, which is deplorable” in matters of security, immigration and employment, and “possibly to debate ideas against ideas”.

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