the main suspect in the murder of the former rugby player arrested in Hungary

Former Argentinian rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, here in October 2007.

The main suspect in the death, Saturday March 19 in Paris, of the former Argentinian rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu was arrested on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday September 23 in Hungary, learned Agence France-Presse (AFP) from sources familiar with the matter confirmed by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Loïk L. P., 27, a former soldier and member of the far-right GUD movement, is suspected of having shot the ex-rugby player. Another man, also active on the extreme right, who also allegedly fired, is still wanted.

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After a “dispute” at Le Mabillon bar, two groups were separated by bouncers, according to a police source, but the suspects “came back shortly afterwards with a vehicle and fired shots”. “Multiple effects” bullets were found, added a source close to the investigation and the former player died on the spot as a result of his injuries.

According to the first elements, two men would have fired shots. Both are far-right activists. The woman driving the vehicle was close to one of them. The prosecution opened a flagrant investigation for murder on Saturday, then a judicial investigation on Tuesday, entrusted to the criminal brigade.

Federico Martin Aramburu, born in 1980, former center or winger for Biarritz (2004-2006), Perpignan (2006-2008) or Dax (2008-2010), had 22 selections with Argentina. The former three-quarter had notably started in the match for 3rd place in the 2007 World Cup, won by the Argentines against the Blues (34-17), a meeting during which he scored a try. Since retiring from sport, he lived in Biarritz and worked for a tourism company.

Aggravated violence

A former soldier and former active militant of the Union Defense Group (GUD), an ultra-violent far-right student group, Loïk LP is well known on the right of the right. Founder of a line of identity clothing, Babtou solid certified, he can count on his networks within the nationalist ultra-right to ensure the promotion of his brand. Like Julien Rochedy, ex-president of the National Youth Front who became a masculinism coach, Jean-Eudes Gannat, leader of Alvarium, a small group from Angers dissolved in November 2021 by decree, and other figures of the fachosphere who allow themselves to be photographed in their T-shirts.

But the name of Loïk LP is best known to investigators for a case that dates back to 2015, and for which he was indicted for aggravated violence. With four other far-right activists, including Logan Djian – former president of the GUD – he arrives one night in October at the home of another former leader of the GUD to beat and humiliate him, while filming the torture scene. . The victim will file a complaint the next day and the trial – postponed because of the Covid-19 – must be held in June.

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