The man who entered Carmen Alcayde's life after she separated from her husband

Carmen Alcayde is going through a very hard time. She has separated from her husband, and, like all breakups, the time of mourning is very painful.

The collaborator of telecinc has revealed this Tuesday, October 11, that her marriage with Eduardo Primo has come to an end. The couple also have three children together.

For the communicator, this decision was "tough, deliberate and correct", as she explained to Jorge Javier Vazquez. The collaborator, as indicated, had been thinking about it for some time. But he had never dared to take the plunge.

Carmen Alcayde


She has pointed out that one of the reasons why she separates is to find herself. And it's that one can't be happy if she doesn't know who she is and is trapped in a marriage where she can't figure it out.

"We did it for our children, so that they can see their parents well. When there is no harmony at home, it is best for them to see that you can be happy even if you are apart. We didn't leave each other, but we didn't complement each other", he explained.

Many times Carmen Alcayde has spoken about her personal life. He has always been very reluctant to be in the media spotlight. Although this time he made an exception. "I need to find myself. Carmen wasn't there and I want to find her", he explained calmly.

Picture of 'Aquí hay tomate' with Jorge Javier Vázquez and Carmen Alcayde.

| Mediaset

And it's that if we look back it was quite striking that the presenter had spent so much time with her friends this summer. It was very strange that he didn't spend time with his family like he usually did.

In one of his publications ofInstagram published "De tant en tant, la vida" with his friend David Valldeperas. But now the question is who has Carmen Alcayde found support in these moments.

The collaborator has a very small group of friends with whom she goes out and socialises. And they were the ones who helped him get through this setback in his life as best they knew how.

Carmen Alcayde's new man

Valldeperas has become the man he trusts most at the moment. Carmen Alcayde and he met when they presented There is a tree here on TeleMadrid. And since then the chemistry between the friends has only grown.

And as proof of this, the communicator immediately signed Alcayde for a save me as a collaborator. And their relationship remains the same: when the cameras are off, their friendship continues.

Although it is true that Carmen's landing in the program was complicated, the Madrid native has gotten used to the environment. Apart from the director, the young woman also found good friends among her colleagues.

Photo of Carmen Alcayde playing Chanel.

| telecinc

Just look back and see how the same Terelu Campos he came over to comfort her in this difficult moment. "He has gone through extremely complicated circumstances to support his three children," he said.

And it shouldn't be easy at all to put an end to a marriage of more than 30 years and with children in common. But she always had kind words for her family and those around her. Now she has to start a new stage in her life and get to know herself.

Although his circle of friends also goes outside Mediaset. Carmen Alcayde has great friends like the actress Nerea Garmendia. Both recently starred in a play. "How lucky I am for you", I wrote to him a few months ago.

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