The McKinsey affair destabilizes the executive, ten days before the first round

According to the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, the executive “has no lesson to take from anyone in the fight against tax optimization”. At the microphone of Europe 1, Wednesday March 30, he endeavored to defend the action of the government and its use of consulting firms. Even if McKinsey, which the government has made extensive use of for the past five years, is accused of having set up schemes to avoid paying corporate tax.

For several weeks, the McKinsey affair has germinated according to parliamentary work carried out by the commission of inquiry into the growing influence of private consulting firms on public policy. The investigation report established that during the year 2021 the executive had spent 1 billion euros with the consultants. What destabilize the executive, just ten days before the first round of the presidential election.

Emmanuel Macron, outgoing president and candidate for re-election, was annoyed by the suspicions hanging over the cabinet from which his government has ordered millions of euros in services. “That anyone who has proof that there is manipulation bring the contract into question in criminal proceedings”, he said, on France 3, on March 27.

The case has taken on such importance that the Minister of Public Function and Transformation, Amélie de Montchalin, was dispatched to justify the government’s action on Wednesday March 30 during a press conference. Alongside her colleague in charge of public accounts, Olivier Dussopt, she assured that ” the decisions ” policies are not ” never ” taken by the consultants. “It’s a minimization operation”, regretted Arnaud Bazin, president of the Senate law commission, on the airwaves of Franceinfo, the next morning. According to him, the case is “sprawling” and “makes you dizzy”.

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