the most emotional love story of 'El Foraster'

Monday nights in Catalonia are the most awaited since 'El Foraster' aired. Quim Masferrer's program where only the good people. And it is that the light-hearted tone of the presenter and the emotional stories of the protagonists have become the star combination that has led it to become a successful format.

As it could not be otherwise, another Monday the program delighted us with one of the most captivating love stories: that of Marina and Josep.

  1. "How many years have they been married?"
  2. An impossible love story
  3. "I have been thinking with her for 50 years"

"How many years have they been married?"

This week the Foreigner traveled to the municipality of Pratdip, in the region of the Low Field.

At one point in the program, Quim Masferrer approaches a stone bench where a couple was sitting.

"How many years have they been married?" asked the presenter. Josep and Marina, neighbors of Pratdip, quickly replied that they were not there. What Masferrer didn't expect was the emotional story behind that answer.

An impossible love story

Marina and Josep started partying when they were just two young people. However, this relationship was not approved by Josep's mother, so the couple had to fight to keep it. Finally, seeing that they were not allowed to be happy together, the two lovers made the difficult decision to let it go.

After a while, Marina began a new relationship with a boy who worked as a railway worker in the province of Castellón. They get married and this leads her to move in with him.

"I have been thinking with her for 50 years"

Marina shared 50 years of life with her husband, with whom she had two children in common. In the meantime, Josep remained single: "Every day for these 50 years I have been thinking about her", he affirmed excitedly.

Who was to say that the paths of the young couple of Pratdip would cross again half a century later. "When we were about to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary, my husband died," explained Marina.

Josep couldn't let that opportunity pass so, when he called her to express his condolences, he took the opportunity to invite her to lunch in Cambrils. Since then, the couple has not been separated again.

«How many stories there must be like yours, but which do not have a happy ending. Forbidden loves, marriages of convenience, hidden feelings...», with these words the presenter concluded the emotional love story, which left the viewers with their feelings in full bloom.

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