The mysterious murder of the postwoman of Montreal-la-Cluse judged at the Assizes of Ain

The postal agency of Montreal-la-Cluze (Ain) where the murder of Catherine Burgod took place, in December 2008.

Blood in big red puddle on the white floor. Blood still on the pale earthenware of the sink. And blood on the woman on the ground, so much blood that her face turned the color. She looks like a disjointed puppet, “as if she had been thrown away”. On the witness stand, Claude Boissard, first aider and technician in the industry, seems to be living again this morning in December 2008 at the post office in Montreal-la-Cluse (Ain). “There was such violence in the scene that I backed off. I said don’t touch anything, it’s a crime. » At the assizes of Bourg-en-Bresse, the murder of Catherine Burgod, the postwoman, is finally judged thirteen years after the facts.

“Mamadou Diallo case…”, begins the president, Marie Salord, at the opening of the trial on Monday, March 28. The announcement causes an imperceptible wavering. The file has been called the “Gérald Thomassin affair” for so long that one wonders for a moment if we have not gone to the wrong room. It is in this in-between, precisely, that the hearing will be played throughout this week. Thomassin and Diallo do not know each other, never seen each other, not the same age, not the same life. On the contrary, everything opposes them, even caricature: the first is a shattered actor, the other an ambulance driver with no history. Both, however, were accused of having killed Catherine Burgod with 28 stab wounds for 2,500 euros. And both deny it.

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Some magistrates had also considered for a time having them appear side by side for this same murder, entrusting the jurors with the incredible role of designating their favorite assassin. But the symmetry ended up breaking. In 2020, Thomassin-l’obscur, with his head of ideal culprit, benefited from a dismissal while Diallo-le solar, the darling of the country, finds himself in the box today.

Clue Bundle

It was at Thomassin that the investigation began, barely an hour after the discovery of the crime, on December 19, 2008 around 10:10 a.m. In the village, his door was the first where the gendarmes chose to knock. Why him ? “He is a drug addict, known for his suicide attempts. We immediately thought of him. says an investigator. Thomassin has a talent for attracting light, especially drama. Born in 1974, raised on public assistance, he was cast at age 16 in a home to shoot with Jacques Doillon. The César for best male hope crowns his first role, twenty feature films line up on his CV. For anyone else, we would talk about a nice career. Not for him. Thomassin kept one foot in the stream, the other on the red carpet.

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