The physical detail of Ana Rosa Quintana that shows how bad she has been

Just announced last week Joaquín Prat what Ana Rosa Quintana resumed her workplace, immediately, all the media put, even more, their focus of attention on the presenter. His long-awaited return to the show was what sparked interest because he promised to offer statements about how he had been doing all these months.

Finally, after eleven months away from the small screen, this morning, October 10, at 08.55 a.m. she reappeared again Ana Rosa Quintana a Ana Rosa's program. Now, we reveal all the details of how his long-awaited comeback in the successful morning format has been.

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  1. The expected return of Ana Rosa Quintana
  2. Joaquín Prat and Patricia Pardo, excited by the return of their friend

The expected return of Ana Rosa Quintana

There is no doubt that, after a few long months away from the small screen, Ana Rosa Quintana has already returned to Ana Rosa's program. And since the journalist appeared again in the media spotlight last June, no one could help but wonder when she would return to present her beloved program.

It was the same Joaquín Prat who confirmed what all the viewers were waiting for. Likewise, the journalist assured that his beloved friend was returning to the small screen through the big door on Monday, October 10. "The day has come, the return of our colleague, friend, will be a reality next Monday," he said last week. "Come back to this, your home, Ana Rosa Quintana", he expressed excitedly.

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Now, you can say that the presenter is back to stay. Of course, just saying her first words has already generated a lot of excitement because the 'Queen of the mornings' is a much-loved presenter in the world of journalism. For this reason, knowing that this moment has marked a before and after on the small screen, the Madrid native wanted to make an exciting speech.

"Good morning, I hope we keep saying 'good morning' for many more days... I told you we would see each other soon, it's been a bit long for me, but I'm here, good morning", he began saying. "I have an eternal debt with this immense affection that has come to me from all of you. From my colleagues, people I don't know who have given me their prayers, even the Pope has sent me a blessed rosary", he explained. "I have received a lot of love at home, from my husband, from my children, from my friends, without my friends everything would have been much harder."

Likewise, Ana Rosa Quintana he explained that "he didn't plan to keep anything". In this way, the Madrilenian confirmed that throughout the morning he would reveal even the smallest detail about this hard year he has lived. Of course, he clarified that, despite not having been at the head of his space, he had not lost his passion for journalism.

Immediately, after these words, the journalist began to number all the current issues that had to be discussed throughout the morning of today. "Many more things that we will continue to talk about these days", he revealed. "So, ask and it will be given to you. It is the miracle of the multiplication of votes and fish. And now, very seriously, it's a miracle that I'm here today", he concluded.

Joaquín Prat and Patricia Pardo, excited by the return of their friend

As expected, not only the viewers have been excited by the return of the 'Queen of the mornings', but also her colleagues. Joaquín Prat has been the first to reappear with Ana Rosa Quintana on today's show. "Goosebumps", Prat told the Madrid woman. "You know why I came back, don't you? Because the day I heard you say 'I've had a ball', I said 'I've had a ball'", the presenter confessed to her friend.

Joaquín Prat and Ana Rosa Quintana


After this meeting with him, the journalist was reunited with Patricia Pardothe one who has been his substitute during the time that he has been away from the sets. Both have melted in an emotional embrace that will undoubtedly also have brought tears to the eyes of those present and loyal followers of the successful morning show.

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