The process continues!

Renois, what a weekend. Well, for some. I've dedicated myself to changing the autumn wardrobe, doing Saturdays and tidying up the house, but the important people have spent it reorganizing Catalonia's autonomy and laying new tiles in the kitchen. Tiles reused from an expired consignment, those that are impossible to get the crap out of no matter how much you rub them with vinegar and that the edges of the joints always remain black. An old house is hard to clean, go. But at least they should be recognized for their good faith and condition: a piece of furniture, if well cared for and oiled from time to time, can solve more than one headache for the professional interior designer .

What the hell am I talking about? One moment, calm down, you want it all chewed. Last Friday Junts decided to leave the government of the Generalitat. It is news that should make us neither cold nor hot because, with joint councilors or without, the barge of institutional Catalanism will sink just the same. Another thing are the reactions of those affected, such as that of the member of the Joan Canadell group, who had no other joke than to proclaim that "The process continues!!!", thus, with three exclamations, the very son of the deputy. It's not that it's not true, but it has to be really hard to, after everything they've put us through, have the nerve to still be happy about it.

I wished him to trip over his knuckles and break his teeth against a lamppost. The violence of my heart came out, what do you want. Yes, Joan, the process continues and unfortunately Catalanism is not yet dead, but I would appreciate a bit of restraint, because in the hanged man's house there are no strings attached. He is first in courtesy and civility. What perhaps we could not have expected - neither the suffering taxpayers nor Junts - is that the movement of the Peter Aragonés it would be to get into the DeLorean and set up a new government with all the reminiscences of the pre-revolutionary antiquity and names of the most thunderous autonomy. It was a skillful move by President Petit, of course, he has the incomparable virtue of having sacked Junts' bread-and-oil-soaked irredeemism by making him look ridiculous. In fact, in can PDeCAT they applaud and together they pull their hair because Aragonès has made them thirteen fourteen and they have not touched thighs, neither now nor hardly in the near future.

They have landed in the new government, for example, Carles Campuzano, a true convergent split from the great house of Catalanism during the crisis of PDeCATthe gyronosaurus sociata Quim Nadal, or the cryptocommunal Gemma Ubasart. The hacks and licks have praised the High Management qualifications of these names, but it doesn't escape us ordinary people that they are councilors appointed to screw the rumps of the deranged Convergence and, more importantly, to try to make the government in the resulting minority not shipwreck in the first parliamentary round. Well played, Peter. But it will only work out for you if Borràs, Batet, Puigdemont and company are obtuse and pusillanimous enough not to present you with a motion of censure before the end of the legislature. Which is a realistic scenario if you look closely.

Look, the truth is that it really pisses me off, because the only thing that can offer me some political satisfaction for now is the suppression of autonomy subject to the permanent and covert 155. It is always better to go head-on and, as Josep Costa has shown in front of the TSJCto have a Parliament intervened and controlled by the judges it is better not to have one. Catalanism must end now, for the collective health of Catalans.

There are many people who do not think alike. This is the case, for example, of a group of nostalgics of classic Catalanism who have created a kind of Think Tank - in Catalan we could call it Carro de Peix del Pensament i la Xerinola - to rehydrate the laurels of pre-October Catalonia. It's called Acció Catalana in memory of Max Cahner's tinglado and the promoters are members of Trve Convergència who have long since distanced themselves from Junts' continuous antics, including Oriol Puig from Figueres, Marc Arza from Reus or the aforementioned and brand new Suara new Advisor to Touch the Eggs a PuigdemontCarlos Campuzano.

Providence wanted them to present themselves in society just on Saturday, in a day of Catalanism in the 21st century (which is almost the same as saying the 19th century) in Reus. Campuzano or Ubasart himself were invited as speakers, and even Quim Nadal who in the end - he is an old gentleman, it must be understood - was unable to attend. It would have been nice to witness the proclamation of three councilors live, because the other two were seen walking the corridors of the Reading Center of Reus and receiving calls from Palau. The recurring theme was that it was lucky that there was good coverage, at the Ateneo Centenari, otherwise they would have been left without a mummy.

I spent some time there, not to listen to the new moderate doctrine imposed on the government, with this perfect clamp between ERC and the splits from Junts, it would not have lasted long without the relevant Basques. I went there during the coffee break to check the quality of the catering (ensaimadetes and croissants appreciable) and to do some interested networking. I greeted Gerard Furest, who is a linguist guy who makes me very angry when he makes these vehement videos shitting on everything in monastic prosody or to ex-mayor Pérez - with whom he had a pending affair - which even with all his socialist bonhomie he could not hide the satisfaction of welcoming to the Center a coven with so many converging delerious to take out their eyes. I also had time to see Francesc Marc Álvaro arguing with his wife (?) for parking too far away. With these inputs I already had enough, as I have already told you that I had a lot of housework behind.

Of course, I am aware that everyone paid the contribution to the day of reconstruction of ancient catalanism revitalized, which was twelve euros and included breakfast and dinner. gifted Above all because of the predominant profile of the attendees, who were people on public wages and few financial worries. In fact, the act of Reus it was like a raffle where you could walk away with a big prize, as it has been shown. If they do it again next year there will be wafers to have a place. Brilliant initiative to distribute positions and influences, Catalan Action.

And that's it. Just to note that on the part of Junts, the most prominent face was that of Maria Teresa Pallarès, who should not have had more guts to show up because she is the new mayor for Reus and it would have been ugly to stay at home crying like the rest of the party colleagues who have just made the political move of their lives. You can't say they don't deserve it. But if there was something I liked about the warmth of this day where the old Catalanism took the reigns of the country again, it was the huge number of people who came. It was plagued and they looked very happy. And you know that being happy is the supreme value I advocate. Of course, the only Tarragona member of the Government is still Tània Verge. But since he has a (more) folk ministry, nobody (not even his people) seemed to attach too much importance to it.

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