The secret confirmed by science so that 1 minute of exercise corresponds to 45

According to the recommendations on the physical activity we need, an adult needs at least two and a half hours of moderately strenuous resistance exercise per week or, correspondingly, at least an hour and a quarter of intense physical activity. In addition to resistance exercise, the recommendation includes muscle training twice a week, aas well as exercise that maintains and develops balance, especially for the elderly.

It should be noted that older people should not reduce the amount of exercise, but should add balance training to their routines.Stress is almost impossible to avoid; the only way is to try to control it. Exercise distracts our minds from stressful, frustrating and annoying things.

  1. The benefits of regular exercise
  2. Even short exercise has health benefits
  3. It would help to lose the same amount of weight

The benefits of regular exercise

Exercise produces feel-good endorphins that fight depression and anxiety.Quite simply: exercise gets the heart pumping. The heart is a muscle, so exercise strengthens it, like other muscles, and makes it healthier.

Impact-like movements such as jumping and running are known to strengthen bones and therefore prevent osteoporosis.But did you know that lifting weights also has the same effect? When we practice physical activity, strong bones appreciate the regular exercise and loads carried over the last years. Also, it should be noted that many people think that sweating causes pimples, but in reality, sweat deeply cleans the skin pores and pimples tend to decrease.

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With that in mind, the benefits of exercise are undeniable. Research shows that exercise improves impaired sugar metabolism, strengthens bones itwith eit makes it easier to handle stress, lowers high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and reduces excess weight. Sport also ajhelps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and diseases of the locomotor system. Therefore, it is best to introduce small ones "training" in our routine.

Even short exercise has health benefits

Although you can use your imagination when choosing a sport, the truth is that everyone should exercise.Exercise recommendations are based on extensive research data and the latest studies show that just a few minutes of vigorous physical activity is beneficial for health.

So even busy people can fit an effective workout into their day.A study carried out by McMaster University in Hamilton, in Ontario (Canada), has revealed the key. According to the authors, one minute of physical exercise could be equivalent to 45 minutes.

After a study that looked at the training of different people, they found that athletes who did a minute of intense exercise had almost the same gains as those who carried out long routines. Apparently, the key is not in time, but in intensity. Thus, short but intense workouts would be just as effective as long routines.

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It would help to lose the same amount of weight

In fact, one of the most interesting results came with weight loss: both groups made the same gains in both aerobic endurance and insulin resistance.

What's more, the changes in mass offatmuscle mass andweightwere similar in the two groups. AOther researchers also came to the conclusion that the burning offatand the improvement in blood pressure would be equally similar in both groups.

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