The Social Security sends a notice about the taxes we pay to the State

The National Insurance has not hesitated to send a strong message about the payment of taxes to the State. This is an issue that keeps many citizens on their toes and the truth is that the State must always be obeyed. If we don't comply, we can face serious problems.

Among other things, it requires us to be up to date with payments to be able to do a series of procedures, otherwise, a few doors would be closed to us in front of this entity. In order for the user to prove this condition, he must have a document that is essential.

It is well known to all that with the National Insurance debts should not be kept. In addition to being prevented from carrying out any operation with them, we are also exposed to sanctions. As time goes by, the surcharges will increase and the fine will be higher.

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If you are interested in knowing exactly the situation in which you find yourself with this organism, it is very simple. They make available to users a certificate that confirms that they are aware of the obligations.

  1. Who is this Social Security document intended for?
  2. Debts with Social Security by workers
  3. Facilities to resolve the situation as soon as possible

Who is this Social Security document intended for?

This document is addressed to natural persons who have an affiliation number to the National Insurance regardless of the regime in which they are attached. Thanks to this certificate, they will be able to find out what their debt situation is.

It is much more important than we can imagine at first and it will be of great use to us when asking for grants and aid. Also to take part in the processes of awarding public sector contracts and in cases of contracts and subcontracts.

The Social Security issues a warning to parents of children under 26 years of age

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Debts with Social Security by workers

All workers contribute to the National Insurance. In the case of self-employed professionals, this responsibility falls on the paying company, but the situation is completely different for the self-employed.

Self-employed people have to take care of their tax obligations themselves, which is sometimes a serious setback. Very often there are non-payments or payments outside the corresponding terms when paying the contributions to this body. The same can happen with the Tax Agency when submitting quarterly VAT.

Nevertheless, public administrations have tried to adapt to the new times by incorporating new methods of relationship with the citizen. Through the Internet you can make all kinds of inquiries and procedures that used to take us much longer.

Facilities to resolve the situation as soon as possible

The National Insuranceas we mentioned before, it has a service that allows you to view everyone's outstanding debts, but it will also facilitate the resolution of our irregular situation as soon as possible. Through the platform it will be possible to obtain a payment document with the account number to make the deposit, but this is not only intended for the self-employed. You can also make use of this tool by individuals or legal entities with an affiliation number to the National Insurance or a contribution account code. All this, apart from the regime in which they are.

Everything from bills and coins

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In the case of the former, they have the option of accessing the service with a digital certificate or with the Cl@ve Pin or permanent. To make use of this alternative, the mobile number must have previously been registered with the Treasury Department National Insurance. When it comes to legal entities, the only possibility left is through the digital certificate.

Through this online platform of the public body you will be able to check your debts and get a receipt with the account number to make the deposit. You can also download the mentioned document and print it.

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