the state of health emergency ends in all overseas territories

The state of health emergency will be lifted overnight from Thursday to Friday, at midnight, in all overseas territories: the West Indies, Reunion and New Caledonia, where it was still applied, communicated the ministry for overseas. sea ​​at Agence France-Presse (AFP), Thursday 31 March.

The government had declared a state of health emergency on February 2 in New Caledonia and on January 5 in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Mayotte, Saint-Martin as well as Saint-Barthélémy, overseas territories. where, under the effect of the Omicron variant, the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 experienced a “significant increase”. Martinique had been in a state of emergency since December 8 and Reunion Island since December 27.

Since then, the government had lifted the state of emergency in Guyana and Mayotte on March 2. The prefectures of Martinique and Guadeloupe specified in a press release on Wednesday the terms of this lifting of the most restrictive measures.

Maintenance of the vaccination obligation for caregivers

Emphasizing “the improvement of the health situation which is stabilizing at a high level with decreasing hospital pressure”, the prefecture of Guadeloupe announced the end of the curfew and the obligation to wear a mask in public spaces as of Friday. The presentation of the health pass in establishments open to the public will no longer be required from Monday.

The prefecture of Martinique explains for its part that “the curfew will be abolished and the opening hours of common law will apply for restaurants and drinking establishments” from 1er April.

Wearing a mask will however remain compulsory in Martinique in public places until April 9, when it will only be ” strongly recommended “ in all closed places, adds the press release.

Certain measures will remain in force after the lifting of the state of emergency in these islands of the Antilles: the obligation to vaccinate for nursing staff, the wearing of masks in public transport and the health pass in health establishments.

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