the “suffering” of Mamadou Diallo

That day, chance has round cheeks, long curved eyelashes and hair tied in a ponytail: Anaïs, a social worker, comes to file a complaint at the Lons-le-Saulnier police station for a stupid bank card affair. . A boy, met on Tinder, left splashing his. He bought odds and ends, she tried to reconcile. Nothing worked. Summoned, he protests: the young woman would be jealous, revenge. In short, not the kind of file to finish at the assizes. “As usual for this type of offense”notes the report, the boy’s DNA is nevertheless taken.

We are in September 2017. A year later, the national DNA file transmits its result: the sample matched in an investigation bogged down for a decade, the crime of the post office in Montreal-la-Cluse (Ain). Until then, the boy’s name had never appeared among the 4,000 odds in the file: his name is Mamadou Diallo, 32, born in the neighboring village. Since March 29, he has been appearing in Bourg-en-Bresse for having killed Catherine Burgod, postwoman, with twenty-eight stab wounds. He denies. On the fifth day of the hearing, the questioning on the facts took place, all the more expected since Diallo had remained in the background. In fact, it was the metamorphosis of the accused that the court witnessed.

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His mother, first, begins by advancing to the bar. Coming from Guinea, the parents were workers; the eldest of the boys has become a salesman in the Paris region, the youngest is following a master’s degree at the Sorbonne. “All my children are gone. Mamadou, he stayed”, said the mother. She never learned to read or drive. He is an ambulance driver, he plays football, a local child. He likes to repeat it. “With us, it’s the countrysidecontinues the mother. Wherever I go, Mamadou drives me. It’s my own half. »

Before the investigators, she first disputed that he had accompanied her in December 2008 to the post office in Montreal-la-Cluse. Mamadou, on the other hand, remembers it well because of the employee, Catherine Burgod, who had been so kind. “Enjoy itshe had said. I’m going on maternity leave soon. »

“Why don’t you understand? »

The prosecutor asks: “Do you admit that you lied to protect your son? »

The mother : “I don’t know why I said that. My head, it wasn’t there. »

That same month of December 2008, the son went back to the post office alone. “I’m not going to play cat and mouse with you.he says in custody. This second time is when I saw the body of this woman. »

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