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Anne Igartiburu is one of the most recognized celebrities on television. A 53-year-old journalist and actress, Anne is known mainly for her annual presence at the New Year's bells and because she has been working for the first Spanish television network for more than 20 years.

Despite not knowing the exact earnings of Igartiburu, it is estimated that for each appearance in the Campanades he earns close to 30,000 euros. In addition, it is stipulated that he receives around 300,000 euros for each season in the program Cor.

When she was barely 16 years old, Anne Igartiburu left United States to study for a degree in Business Management and soon after moved to France to continue studying. Thanks to this he has managed to speak five languages. "We speak in English, Basque, Spanish, Hindi... We say affectionate things in Basque, orders in Spanish and academic things in English."

And since the death of her mother, Igartiburu was forced to study a career that would allow her to take the family forward.

  1. The true sexuality of Igartiburu
  2. Anne Igartiburu denies the rumours

The true sexuality of Igartiburu

For years, the rumors about Anne Igartiburu's "problem" have been the most talked about. The celebrity was said to have both male and female sex organs and Igartiburu was rumored to be intersex, a person who has both sex chromosomes.

Image of Anne Igartiburu with her daughter Noa walking down the street


These people, known as intersex, develop their sexual organs in an atypical way. So, there has been speculation about the possibility that Anne Igartiburu is. But Anne would not have this condition, but would have Morris syndrome, according to other users on the networks.

Morris syndrome is a syndrome within intersexuality that prevents the correct development of the male genitalia as well as hindering the development of male characteristics during puberty due to an inability of the cell to assimilate androgens. However, Morris syndrome does not affect the development of the female sexual genitalia.

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Anne Igartiburu denies the rumours

Among many other alleged proofs that Anne Igartiburu would suffer this alteration, there is the fact of the adoption of her children. For many, this would be the clearest evidence that Anne has Morris syndrome.

Women with Morris syndrome have a typical vagina, vulva and breasts, but instead have no uterus or ovaries, so Anne would not be able to have children naturally. Also, they wouldn't have menstruation either.

In 2001, Anne Igartiburu adopted Noa, of Indian origin, so she could start her own family with her first husband, Igor Yebra. In 2013, she adopted her second daughter, Carmen, from Vietnam, in the company of her second husband, Pablo Heras-Casado, her partner for almost 20 years.

"They give me life. They are my guide, my teachers. One is Indian and the other is Vietnamese, and although they came when they were still small, each has a different character that reflects their genes," said Igartiburu to Bertin Osborne in your program. In addition, he also confirmed to the reporter that a foster girl was currently living with them, she helps a lot at home and is studying a university degree in Spain.

Photomontage by Anne Igartiburu and Pablo Heras-Casado.

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Thus, for a long time it has been thought that Igartiburu would have this syndrome of sexual development. Instead, Anne proved, with her pregnancy in 2015, that she could indeed get pregnant, thus disproving this famous rumor.

So, although it is not known who would have started these rumors about Anne Igartiburu, we already know that they are not true.

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