“The war in Ukraine would be nothing but a metaphysical fight against an evil force”

Grandstand. Many people were surprised by the sermon of Patriarch Kirill of the Patriarchate of Moscow dated March 6, in which one can read, between the lines, a justification for the war in Ukraine: it would be nothing but a metaphysical combat, not against a people or a state, but against a power of a moral nature, a force of evil. This evil would reside in the illusory freedom characteristic of Western societies, embodied by Gay Prides.

However, this statement is only surprising if one ignores the anti-Western ideology that the hierarchs of the Russian Church have been trying to propagate for many years in Russia, in its canonical space but also in the Western world. For this, the Russian Church has significant media resources, such as numerous social networks and television programs which are broadcast on YouTube, and often also translated.

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Thus, Patriarch Kirill only repeated in his sermon of March 6 this denunciation of the Western world which has been found for several years, for example, in the weekly programs “The Church and the World” by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, Chairman of the Department of External Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

A defensive dimension, and therefore warlike

For example, in his broadcast of February 19, a few days before the start of the war, Metropolitan Hilarion affirmed that the Russians must be protected from the propaganda of the “values” Western cultures, the notion of value having been put in parentheses. Those “values” reside in an immoral sexual liberalism because it goes against the divine order. Witness to this sexual depravity the propaganda of the lifestyle of transsexual people, homosexuals and the Gay Prides.

It is rather curious that the hierarchs of the Russian Church have an altogether so reductive approach to the question of morality, centered almost obsessively on sexuality, and in particular on the forms of sexuality considered to be deviant. What emerges in any case from their speech is not only a denunciation of these “pseudo-values”but a real defensive posture: the Russian Church must defend Russia as well as its canonical space from this destruction of the moral order.

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Although much criticism has been made since the beginning of the war in Ukraine of the imperialist ideology specific to the contemporary Russian Orthodox Church, known as the “ideology of the Russian world”, in my opinion, too little emphasis has been placed on the defensive dimension, and therefore also warlike, of this ideology. This dimension is particularly dangerous if one takes into account the close relations which unite the Russian Church and the current Russian power.

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