The whole truth about María José Campanario's illness

Diego Arrabal explained a few months ago in the program Saturday Deluxe all the conversation he had had with Maria José Campanar and with Jesulín de Ubrique. This conversation made it more than clear that Maria José Campanar he was not at all well and that he is quite depressed. This situation would be taking its toll on the couple.

  1. New scare
  2. María José Campanario suffers from fibromyalgia
  3. It's not just this disease
  4. María José Campanario and her partner are not telling the whole truth
  5. The couple's family is not doing well

New scare

recently, Maria José Campanar he had to re-enter the hospital after receiving a new scare with his health. A new relapse has caused severe and paralyzing muscle pain, so she was forced to go to the San Juan Grande Hospital in Jerez de la Frontera.

Close-up of María José Campanario wearing sunglasses and smiling


According to several sources, her husband has been supporting her at all times and the grandparents have had to take care of the two children. Luckily, it was just a scare and Maria José Campanar he returned to his home with his family. It should be mentioned, however, that her last pregnancy could have had bad consequences for her health.

María José Campanario suffers from fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is the disease you have been diagnosed with Maria José Campanaran illness that causes him great pain and sleepless nights. These are several recurring crises that have taken their toll on him and that have taken him to the hospital several times. The bullfighter's wife was forced to enter El Seranil a few months ago to be treated.

The paparazzi told the show that Maria José Campanar she was bad, and above all she wanted to justify that she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. However, she was aware of everything that was happening to her.

Due to this disease, Diego claimed that the protagonist is a little chubbier and that it is difficult for her to move. Nothing to worry about as it is a normal thing due to the medication.

It's not just this disease

It seems like Maria José Campanar he doesn't just suffer from fibromyalgia and that he has something else. She's always wanted to cover this up, but clearly she hasn't quite been able to.

The dentist has been well respected by all the paparazzi, with whom she has come to have a rather cordial relationship. In addition, one of the collaborators of the program Saturday Deluxe, Jesús Manuel, has also been able to see Maria José Campanario. He was able to claim that he was much better than months ago. This, however, does not mean that she is already cured.

María José Campanario and her partner are not telling the whole truth

It seems that the dentist is playing a game with her husband. As the paparazzi have stated on previous occasions, the couple is either lying or not telling the whole truth. In this way, later they explain it in some interview and make money.

Image of Jesulín d'Ubrique and Maria José Campanar.

| Europa Press

Diego affirmed that "Jesus used to give away many exclusives, but not anymore. Jesus' income is getting smaller and smaller."

The couple's family is not doing well

This whole situation has affected the family of both, which has gone through a bad time. Both the people close to Maria José Campanar as those close to their partner are going through a very difficult situation.

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