The young man who killed his ex-partner Claudia, aged 17, and knows what awaits him

The description of the events that occurred last February 8 in Totana (Murcia) makes the hair stand on end and offers the portrait of a true psychopath. Johan, 19, killed his ex-partner Claudia, 17, coldly and cruelly. He then tried to fool people and claimed to hear voices inside his head.

Forensics from the Institute of Legal Medicine have just issued a report in which they ensure that the perpetrator who confessed to the crime knew what he was doing. This means that it is attributable to the case brought by the Court of First Instance No. 3 of Totana. Therefore, it can be judged generally.

According to the forensic report, the boy did not act under the influence of a mental disorder or was overridden by drugs. The trial court investigation continues pending a trial date. Now, Johan already knows that he faces prison for what he did.

  1. He says he was a regular user
  2. He claims voices in his head
  3. The conclusion of the forensics

He says he was a regular user

According to himself, he was a consumer of cocaine, LSD, MDA, hashish and trankimazine. After confinement, he began to use smoked and snorted cocaine and to smoke joints. He smoked marijuana daily and when he had money he also took cocaine and, if he couldn't, trankimazin with beer.

Assembly by Johan

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Johan explained to the coroners that he took synthetic drugs when he went out partying or when he was in dire straits. He consumed alcohol every day and often mixed it with cocaine. However, the coroner's report points out that there is no evidence of a treatment for these addictions.

According to the young man, on the day of the incident he consumed a crack of cocaine and some joint before meeting the victim. However, during the first recognition he refused to provide a urine and hair sample for a toxicological study. Therefore, it cannot be proven that he was under the influence of drugs.

He claims voices in his head

Johan told coroners about his family history and the impact his parents' separation had on him. He intended to study a higher degree in oral hygiene and, later, dentistry. However, he was also a very shy boy who had difficulty relating to others.

Claudia had become his escape valve and his world, a refuge where he felt safe. Therefore, when she broke up with him and found happiness with another boy, she decided to take revenge. They found up to 78 stab wounds on the body of the minor, who tried to defend herself until the end.

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The young man claimed in front of the judge and the forensics that a voice in his head told him he had to do it, but the experts do not see any impulsivity or mental disturbance that explains the homicidal behavior. Nor do they see intoxication or withdrawal syndrome that could influence their actions.

The conclusion of the forensics

The forensics are clear and point out in the report that Johan is fully responsible and will have to answer for his actions. The relatives have appeared in the case, with the lawyer Raúl Pardo-Geijo Ruiz. They asked for DNA evidence to prove there was a possible one aggression sexual

Johan summoned Claudia to the storage room where they used to stay under the guise of returning some things. It was there that, shockingly, he stabbed her with a large number of stab wounds that resulted in the quick death of the victim. He then recorded up to nine videos in which he confessed to being the author of the crime.

"This is not a sexist thing, I simply did it because, I don't know, I've always wanted to kill someone," he said. As he explained, it had been on his mind for a long time. He also showed intent to commit suicide, but ultimately failed to do so and is now facing a prison sentence.

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