These are the least reliable and most damaged car brands, according to the OCU

When we consider the possibility of buying a new car, changing the one we have or buying a second vehicle, it is normal for us to have many doubts about the brands and models available.

For example, buying a second car to go to work (so even a second-hand vehicle is likely to be sufficient) is not the same as buying a family car because we have become parents.

However, it is important to take into account a vital detail: knowing which can be the best and worst car brands to ensure that we choose the most reliable and safe options.

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  1. What car should we buy this year?
  2. What are the worst cars according to the OCU?
  3. 1. The best among the worst
  4. 2. Neither the worst nor the best cars
  5. 3. The least reliable car on the market
  6. 4. The most reliable cars according to the OCU

What car should we buy this year?

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), precisely, has drawn up a rather interesting list of which cars are the most damaged (and ultimately the least reliable).

Today, the consumer has countless options from which to choose the engine: gasoline, diesel, gas hybrid, plug-in gasoline hybrid, plug-in diesel hybrid, non-plug-in hybrid and fully electric car.

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In addition, at certain times, the Spanish Government and other administrations offer incentives for the purchase of new low-emission cars (it is recommended to consult the regulations in force at these times).

Diesel, for example, is ideal when you mainly drive long distances and a total of more than 15,000 kilometers per year in a medium-sized or large passenger car. Gas is useful when you drive less than 15,000 kilometers each year in a small or medium-sized passenger car. In this case, a modern gasoline engine is an economical option.

Hybrid gasoline options are ideal if you value low fuel costs and respect for the environment. In this case, a gas hybrid with almost zero emissions - because it uses biogas - is an affordable and ecological option for both short and long journeys.

The plug-in hybrid (petrol or diesel) is useful for short distances and has a charging option (electric) at home and/or at work. And, all electric, for both short and long distances and has an (electric) charging option at home and/or at work.

What are the worst cars according to the OCU?

It should be borne in mind that we are dealing with a list made by the OCU every year.

1. The best among the worst

In this section we would find Jaguar (68%), Chevrolet (68%) and Lancia (68%). In the case of Jaguar, it should be noted that the cost of repair is one of the most expensive.

If we focus on Chevrolet, the statistics indicate that they present a large number of breakdowns, among which those related to the engine stand out.

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And analyzing Lancia, the truth is that it is inevitable not to point out the malfunctioning of the heating and ventilation. Also, the electronics in their cars are not up to par with many others.

2. Neither the worst nor the best cars

The next least reliable brand is Alfa Romeo, with a reliability index of 64%. They mainly have breakdowns in the brake, electrical, electronic, engine, steering and heating systems, mainly. Finally, we find the Land Rover, which have the same reliability index as Alfa Romeo (ie 64%).

In addition, statistics indicate that the Land Rover brand loses about 100,000 sales a year as a result of the constant problems it presents and its bad reputation.

3. The least reliable car on the market

However, the worst cars are not the previous ones. On this occasion, the OCU has chosen the Tesla brand as the least reliable cars. According to the survey, Tesla, Elon Musk's brand, would present a reliability index of almost 60%.

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And it is a position that repeats, as it fails again in terms of the reliability section, despite the good publicity and positive reviews that it seems to have.

Thus, it seems that four out of ten models of this manufacturer suffer from breakdowns. Electrical breakdowns are the most common, reaching 17%. They are particularly related to fuses, batteries, light bulbs, wiring, enclosures...

4. The most reliable cars according to the OCU

They are mainly the gasoline hybrid cars. What's more, those of the Seat brand have a reliability index of 85%, compared to Dacia and Skoda.

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