They arrest the occupants of a motorhome with 240 kilos of marijuana and 5.6 kilos of cocaine

The National Police has arrested the two occupants of a motorhome loaded with more than 240 kilos of marijuana and 5.6 kilos of cocaine.

The interception took place during a check in La Jonquera, inAlt Empordaafter the officers noticed that in the back of the vehicle, instead of the license plate, there was a stick of wood.

The nervous attitude of the two occupants has made the police suspicious, which proceeded to call the canine unit. Police dogs have been in charge of detecting the presence of packages of drug in the vehicle

Finally, the two traffickers, accused of a crime against public health, have entered provisional prison.

  1. The vehicle had a wooden plate
  2. The role of police dogs

The vehicle had a wooden plate

The events took place last September 27, during a static control at theAP-7 organized for the detection of possible cases of cross-border crime.

The officers became suspicious of the motorhome when they saw that it was missing its rear license plate. Instead of an approved license plate, there was a wooden sheet with the license plate numbers and letters written by hand.

When stopping the vehicle, the officers noticed the nervous attitude of the occupants. The two men gave contradictory statements and answered police questions evasively.

The role of police dogs

During the stop, the National Police they also witnessed a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the camper.

Since they did not have the corresponding permit to be able to register her, the agents took the dogs of the canine unit to the checkpoint, which immediately detected the presence of drug.

After receiving judicial authorization, the National Police he began to search the camper. Inside the vehicle they found up to 206 bags of marijuana hidden under one of the mattresses.

In total, the drug it weighed 242,790 kilos. In addition, the agents also found three other packages with 5.675 grams of cocaine inside.

During the search, 3,315 euros in cash were also found.

The two occupants of the vehicle, of Bulgarian nationality, were arrested by the police. After going to judicial disposal, both have entered provisional prison.

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