They force Lidl to withdraw and destroy forever a popular product sold in Catalonia

If there is a supermarket that is always well rated by consumers, this is it lidl. We can find a wide variety of products at incredible prices, which is why it is becoming more and more famous.

However, it's not all good news for the food and grocery giant. This time, the establishment was embroiled in a dispute which, in the end, it ended up losing. For this reason, justice will force the supermarket to withdraw from its shelves one of the most popular products of recent years. In fact, you will never be able to get it back as you knew it.

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  1. They force Lidl to withdraw a popular product forever
  2. The reason why the controversy broke out
  3. In 2018, the dispute over chocolate bunnies began

There are many big food and grocery brands that decide to face lidl. The reason is always that the supermarket sells products and foods that seem to be very similar to others, but with much lower prices.

On this occasion, Lid has lost the battle against the renowned candy brand Lindt. Because of this, a Swiss court has forced the establishment to remove and destroy the well-known chocolate rabbit figures. The justice thus stands on the side of Lindt in the dispute that the brand started alleging that the supermarket was infringing the Law of Registered Trademarks, which has been proven in the courts.

The reason why the controversy broke out

Lindt is one of the most popular candy brands of all time. With no less than 175 years of history behind it, it decided to thread the needle to bring lidl before the courts. The reason is that the candy brand considers the image of the chocolate bunny squatting, with a necklace and/or tie, to be their property. A lidluntil recently, you could find a version that is practically the same.

Photo of Lindt chocolate bunnies


The similarity between the two chocolate figures could confuse consumers, so the court ruled in favor of Lindt on this occasion. Due to the court decision, lidl will have to stop selling these chocolate figures in Switzerland. In addition, you must also destroy any that are already for sale or have been made to date.

The chocolate brand sells these figures all over the world, especially on dates marked as Easter. At this time of year, chocolate sweets become the protagonists of all the establishments of the brand and also of the competition. However, since lidl they will be able to keep selling chocolate bunnies, as long as they reinvent the shape. The goal is that consumers don't confuse them with those offered by Lindt.

In 2018, the dispute over chocolate bunnies began

Lindt fights back lidl for this reason since 2018. At that time, the candy brand decided to file a lawsuit before a commercial court in Aargau. They said they had copied their gold-wrapped chocolate bunnies from the supermarket.

Photo of a chocolate bunny


However, Lindt's legal victory came in the second round. After a court ruled in favor of the supermarket in the first place, the chocolate brand filed an appeal, which was accepted by the federal judges of the Federal Court of Switzerland.

The candy brand went on to say that the similarity of the figures could cause confusion among consumers. As a main argument, from Lindt they presented several opinion polls about the two articles. The final decision was partially based on these surveys. According to the judges, although they admit that there are certain differences between the two, there is a risk of confusion between the two products.

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