They intercept a truck with 2,400 marijuana plants in Les Borges del Camp

The Mossos d'Esquadra arrested two men (later they were released from the police waiting to be summoned by the judge) on Friday morning accused of a public health crime.

Both were in the cabin of a truck that was traveling on the N-420 (the Alcolea road). At the height of Les Borges del Camp, at dawn on Friday, a Mossos control asked them to stop. And that time in which the heavy vehicle was parked, the 'cake' was discovered.

The agents of the Trànsit area, when approaching the truck, observed how in the part of the trailer the smell of cannabis was strong. They asked them to open the doors and once they opened they observed a large number of cut plants in the process of drying.

The driver, a resident of Alt Camp, and the co-pilot, from Les Garrigues, explained to the agents that what they were transporting was hemp. However, two details cast doubt on this statement: the presence of buds on the plants and an intense smell that suggested that the test for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis, would exceed the 0.2% established by regulations. .

The two occupants of the truck were accompanied to the Reus police station (the Mossos investigation unit was alerted to the discovery) and the truck was guarded next to the plants, which in an official count would be around 2,400 units, Mossos sources confirm. .

The two detainees testified throughout Friday at the police headquarters and were released with charges while waiting for the judge to summon them to testify. The same Friday the plants were tested and the analysis came back positive for marijuana, which means that the entire load was illegal.

Mossos informed the Reus guard court of the facts and requested a request for the destruction of these plants (only the sample is kept for the trial).

Police sources assure that the investigation is open and it is not ruled out that this discovery could lead to more investigations.

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