They question the cause of the death of Albert Solà, the 'son' of the king emeritus

Last Sunday we woke up to the tragic death of the illegitimate son of King John Charles, Albert Solàat the age of 66. Solà was preparing to tell the truth on television on Saturday night, he died that same day, just hours before appearing on the program of Tony Morenowho is my father.

For many years Albert Solà tried to claim the attention of the king emeritus and assured that he had a report that confirmed that his DNA was practically identical to that of the monarch. However, his sudden death just the day he was to explain unpublished information about King John Charles leaves many doubts.

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This is what his friend said Kiko Matamorosthat represented Albert Solà years ago to help him tell his story. Matamoros knows the influence that great figures like the monarch have, and he also knows that his friend, Albert Solàhe was more than annoying with his story.

Albert Solà, the alleged son of King John Charles who wanted to tell the whole truth

In fact, Kiko explains that "a few years ago I closed it for a TV show, but in the end they didn't let us come. They must have pressured him not to appear", he explained.

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Perhaps because of episodes like this, Kiko finds the circumstances of his friend's death very strange, and thinks it's too much of a coincidence that he died 24 hours before appearing on TV. Specifically, Kiko has stated that "there are methods ofmurder that you do not detect them", referring to his friend, the king's illegitimate son.

Albert Solà was 66 years old and apparently healthy. For this reason, the Court of First Instance of La Bisbal d'Empordà is investigating the facts and has already requested to carry out the autopsy. His story is very bizarre, but he claims to be the son of John Carlos, and corroborates this with a report made by the CNI itself. It is detailed that there are 99.9% genetic matches between the emeritus and Solà.

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However, he has never been recognized by Joan Carles or the law, which rejected his paternity claim in 2015. Now, after his death, many doubts remain to be resolved, and his friend, Kiko Matamoros has already questioned the circumstances.

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