Thierry Solère, Emmanuel Macron’s black baron

Thierry Solère, at the Elysee Palace, June 3, 2020.

The Elysée village hall seems frozen in time, with its chandeliers and heavy red hangings. Nicolas Sarkozy offers his round of medals of the Order of Merit, on this evening of winter 2008. A young general counselor of Hauts-de-Seine, unknown to the general public, is among the pinned. Thierry Solère is 35 years old. He is close to Jean Sarkozy, one of the sons of the former President of the Republic, and has been navigating the political world for nearly fifteen years. His uncle, Admiral Jean-Luc Delaunay, was Jacques Chirac’s private chief of staff. “Oh! The Admiral’s Nephew »the former President of the Republic threw at him warmly when he met this child from the West of Paris.

“Just because you’re a longtime friend of mine doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be singled out”, begins by justifying Nicolas Sarkozy. Then, the Head of State slips the recipient one of his maxims of which he has the secret, both wise and naive. “It doesn’t matter in which direction we commit, dear Thierry, the important thing is to commit; it is not to be stingy with one’s feelings; it is to put his experience, his talent, his interpersonal skills at the service of his country “, he advises. The lesson paid off.

Thierry Solère is 50 years old today. His colossal silhouette has become rounded. His experience was strengthened by the test of political battles. A package of legal cases, too, which earned him a string of indictments, in particular for “tax evasion” and “embezzlement of public funds”.

Category of “messengers”

After having served the right for a long time – in particular as organizer of the 2016 primary –, the deputy (the Republic on the move, LRM) from Hauts-de-Seine now serves as political adviser to Emmanuel Macron (volunteer, specifies- he). It has become one of its centerpieces in view of the presidential election on April 10 and 24. Thierry Solère occupies the corner office at the Elysée, which once hosted the head of state when he was deputy secretary general of the presidency under François Hollande. He is annoyed that we know it. Influence happens without publicity.

Immutable work than that of Thierry Solère, as old as power. This prince of “popol” (political politics), a sort of modern Talleyrand, who survives all regimes, does not belong to the category of tribunes, finicky legislators or ideologues. Rather that of “messengers”. The word is released to us by Edouard Philippe, who hesitated with that of “negotiator”.

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