This is the new 10 euro coin that will arrive in Catalonia this autumn

The world of numismatics is one of the most exciting for collectors. In fact, it is one of the ones with the most followers around the world. For example, there are people who pay thousands of euros to get their ideal piece.

The most sought after are both notes and classic coins or coins that have some special feature. In this regard, there are even two-euro coins that are sold at a price of gold.

For example, we can find peseta coins sold for more than 30 thousand euros. In fact, these have become some of the most valuable in our country. However, now comes a piece that promises to generate a lot of buzz.

  1. This is the new 10 euro coin that will arrive very soon
  2. Characteristics of this very special coin
  3. We can see this on the front of the 10 euro coin
  4. This is how you can get this commemorative novelty in Spain

This is the new 10 euro coin that will arrive very soon

The coin we are talking about is a special one that will have a face value of 10 euros. It will be made of silver, as confirmed by the Numismàtica Visual portal.

This 2022 is considered by the Government as the Year of Research Santiago Ramón i Cajal. For this reason, the Fábrica Nacional de La Moneda and Timbre Reial Casa de la Moneda has released this commemorative coin.

Image of the new 10 euro coin arriving in Catalonia


It will be considered a piece in honor of the renowned Spanish doctor and scientist. In addition, it has very interesting features for all those fans of numismatics.

Characteristics of this very special coin

As we have been able to find out thanks to the Numismàtica Visual portal, on the back of the 10 euro coin we can find a portrait of Santiago Ramón y Cajal. This was made by José Padró and comes from the private collection of Alberto Jiménez Schuhmacher. It is, in fact, an allegory of both his drawings and his notes, widely recognized among scholars even today.

On the other hand, on the right we can see the mark of Ceca. In the upper area, you will see the face value 10 EURO. Finally, in a circular direction, the letters surround the portrait: "YEAR OF RESEARCH SANTIAGO RAMÓN Y CAJAL 2022".

We can see this on the front of the 10 euro coin

The first thing we will see on the obverse of the coin will be a portrait to the left of the King Philip VI. This is something that we can also see in the rest of the current coins.

Likewise, in the upper area, also in a circular direction, we can see the legend: "FELIPE VI KING OF SPAIN". In the lower area we will find between two dots the year of minting, that is to say, this 2022. Surrounding all the motifs and legends we will be able to visualize a pattern of pearls, and this is also added by the specialized portal.

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This is how you can get this commemorative novelty in Spain

If you are wondering how you can get hold of this new 10 euro commemorative coin, the portal also explains its value. The selling price of the piece will be 72.60 euros. The issue date, on the other hand, seems to be next November. In other words, this autumn you can get it if you are passionate about collectible coins.



Ramón y Cajal was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1906. In addition, he is considered the father of modern neuroscience. This is thanks to the multiple investigations he did studying the microscopic anatomy of the nervous system.

Now, as a tribute, it will feature its commemorative 10 euro coin. And the best thing, as you can see, is that there are barely a few weeks left to be able to get hold of her.

If you are a fan of numismatics, you will not want to miss the opportunity to get what promises to be one of the most valued pieces. Especially in the world of collecting.

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