Toñi Moreno reveals what therapy has been like since he discovered the sad reality

Tony Moreno he has gone through complicated moments in his life. She's been surrounded by everything from broken romances to single motherhood, as well as serious career issues. But despite this, the Andalusian has not stopped fighting for her well-being and that of her daughter.

Moreno has put himself in charge of the new program of telecinc, let yourself be wanted a space where unfinished personal stories are given voice. With guests such as Nuria Fergó, Toñi hosts this emotional program where endings do not exist.

It is, in fact, in this program where the Andalusian has undressed (metaphorically speaking) about his most intimate life. And it is that, often, he sees in the stories that present a similar component to his life.

That's right, since who was driving Wonderful People he empathizes a lot with the experiences of the guests who come to tell their story. In this way, it shows that his sensitivity has no limits.

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Recently, he has been with Cristina, who was going to let yourself be wanted to find his biological father, with whom he has had a very sentimental confession. Cristina had gone to face her father figure after being abandoned by him when she was 5 years old. Since then, the young woman has felt a great absence in her life.

"I want to know why my father hasn't been in my life since I was 5," he said bitterly. Everything he knows is because of what his mother has told him.

And according to this version, after the marital separation of his parents, the father would say some very harsh words to the mother. "Either he took the girl away or he would never see her again." And you already know the rest.

Toñi Moreno's words of encouragement

Tony Moreno felt impassively the story of Cristina, who like many other people, has lived a life full of shortcomings. And the girl's mother only had her when she was 15. A teenage mother who had to deal with everything completely alone.

However, Cristina had an encounter with her father, Mariano, some time later. Although he did not explain how it was, he did remember it with a lot of pain and bitterness. A fact that broke the heart of Tony Moreno.

Tony Moreno


After hearing Cristina's story, the presenter wanted to pass on some words that could help her. "It took me years of therapy to accept that someone who doesn't love you doesn't deserve to be in your life," said the presenter.

It may be that Tony Moreno he was referring to one of his ex-partners, the singer Rosana or the also presenter María Casado. But there is, of course, love in Toñi's life. The presenter had a daughter two and a half years ago, and she shares everything with her, as she has become the central axis of her life.

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In addition, weeks ago he also shared an intimate moment with his little girl. "My little girl is two and a half years old. And the other day we were both in bed. She came from the daycare center and said to me, 'Mom, I don't have a father,'" he began by explaining.

And he continued: "I told her no, that she doesn't have a father." "He told me: 'but I have my mother, I have a lullaby, I have godparents...'. I told him yes, that this is his family and he hugged me and said: 'oh, my mother'", he narrated.

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With this story he also wanted to encourage the guest of that night. To whom, at the end, he addressed these words: "Don't feel that you lack anything in your life, because you don't lack anything in your life."

The life of Tony Moreno it has always been stained by loves that have never borne fruit. Something that seems to have cost the presenter years of therapy. Despite this, Toñi does not stop fighting and always comes to the surface and stronger.

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