Tunisian President Kais Saied announces dissolution of parliament

Kaïs Saïed, during a summit on the coronavirus on February 18, 2022 in Brussels.

Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed said on Wednesday March 30 that he had decided to dissolve Parliament, eight months after suspending it to assume full powers in July 2021. A choice intended to “to preserve the State and its institutions and to preserve the Tunisian people” he justified during a meeting of the National Security Council.

This announcement comes a few hours after one hundred and twenty deputies – out of a total of 217 – defied the suspension of Parliament by organizing a virtual session at the call of the office of the Assembly of People’s Representatives, a body which brings together the Presidency of Parliament. and party representatives who sit on it.

Call by deputies for the organization of elections

One hundred and sixteen deputies voted in favor of a bill aimed at canceling the exceptional measures taken by Mr. Saïed, which, according to them, are blocking the democratic process and establishing the power of a single man in the country, the cradle of the “springs”. Arabs”. The deputies, including elected representatives from Ennahda and independents, also called for the organization of early legislative and presidential elections to get out of the political and socio-economic crisis.

The Minister of Justice ordered the opening of an investigation against these members of Parliament, accusing them of “conspiring against the security of the state”. After months of political blockage, Mr. Saïed, elected at the end of 2019, assumed full powers on July 25 by dismissing the Prime Minister and suspending the Parliament dominated by the Islamist-inspired party Ennahda, his pet peeve.

On September 22, the Head of State formalized his full powers with “exceptional measures” which prolong the suspension of Parliament. They also allow him to legislate by decree, to preside over the Council of Ministers and to amend the laws.

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