twelve candidates at the bedside of the hospital and caregivers

A member of the nursing staff at Tours hospital (Indre-et-Loire), April 2, 2021.

Train more, hire more, pay more, open more beds… Promises are raining down on caregivers. In the field of health, the health crisis was notable in that it put the hospital back at the heart of the programs, wrung out by two years of pandemic but above all by more than a decade of tight budgetary regimes.

From now on, unanimity seems to be in order in the ranks of the candidates for the presidential election: more doctors, nurses, nursing auxiliaries are needed… At Valérie Pécresse (LR), we are considering 25,000 nursing positions for more in the hospital and a doubling of the number of doctors trained. It’s a “massive recruitment plan” defended by Anne Hidalgo (PS), wage increases or even a “moratorium on bed closures”, at Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France insoumise), as for the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen (RN).

“A turning point”

“The subject of health is no longer set aside, there has been a turning point compared to previous campaigns”, estimated Frédéric Valletoux, at the head of the French Hospital Federation, during a great oral of the candidates on health, Thursday March 17. “Nevertheless, there is still disappointment, after two years of a historic crisis, and while the campaign coincides with the second anniversary of the first confinement, we do not have the great debate that we hoped for. Health finds only a marginal place in this campaign. »

The subject does not print and the solutions brandished are disappointing, to hear some doctors. “We can multiply by four, five, six… the number of trained personnel, they will not come to the hospital, because increasing the number does not restore the desire, nor the enthusiasm, nor the meaning, Curry Djillali Annane, president of the union of resuscitators and former ministerial adviser under the left. The hospital is out of breath, as long as we do not say what its place in society is, as long as the only question is to always “produce” more care each year, the caregivers will continue to leave it, we saw well with the Ségur de la santé [le plan du gouvernement acté à l’été 2020], which did not change the situation. »

An idea, which is nothing new, is now imposed on many candidates, on the right as well as on the left: the introduction of a form of coercion to the installation

In the programs of the candidates, these additional caregivers are also put forward to fight against the “medical deserts” and the difficulties of access to care which affect more and more citizens. An idea, which is nothing new, is now essential among many candidates, right and left: the introduction of a form of coercion to the installation. And this despite the frank opposition it provokes among doctors, convinced of its ineffectiveness in times of shortage.

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