Unai, the young footballer found dead in Pamplona aged 22

by Unai Arruabaruniversity student and former member of the Real Sociedad squad, was found dead this weekend in Pamplona. The 22-year-old was found dead on Saturday in the university residence where he lived. The Gipuzkoa club has shown its consternation through a statement.

The young man from Donostia, Unai Arruabarrena, was studying higher education in Pamplona and lived in a student residence. He was found dead in this same residence, and everything points to natural causes. The young man's funeral will be today in his hometown of Donostia.

This is the second loss experienced by Real Sociedad in a few days. At yesterday's game in Anoeta, a minute of silence was observed for the death of Unai Arruabarrena and Txomin Landa, the fan who recently died during a game. It seems that tragedy haunts the Donostia organization.

  1. Unai d'Arruabar dies
  2. Pain in the Txuriurdin family
  3. Black days in Donostia

Unai d'Arruabar dies

Through a statement, the Txuriurdin club has conveyed its "pain and sadness" for the death of Unai Arruabarrena. The boy trained in the lower categories of Real Sociedad and even youth and played for Zubieta. Now he was focused on his career studies in the Navarrese capital.

Mourning in the football world for the death of Unai

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Unai played in teams from Donostia such as Antiguoko Añorga and, more recently, Lagun Onak. The footballer trained in the lower categories of Real Sociedad, where he shared a dressing room with well-known players. For example, Jon Pachecho and Ander Barrenetxea, who are a year younger.

He was also in the lower categories with footballers who are now in Primera such as Marrero and Urko. Likewise, youth players such as Magunazelaia and Kortajarena, at Real Sociedad B, shared a dressing room with him. The boy's unexpected death has caused a great impact among his colleagues.

Pain in the Txuriurdin family

Unai Arruabarrena occupied the left central defensive position and spent his last year as a youth player on loan at Antiguoko. Then it happened at Club Esportiu Lagun Onak, where even today there is astonishment about what happened. Antiguoko has also sent his condolences to his friends and family.

Yesterday the pain became palpable before the meeting between Real Sociedad and Villarreal in Anoeta. Next to Unai, Txomin, the fan who recently died during a match, was also honored. Captain Mikel Oyarzábal delivered a bouquet of flowers to the family of this partner.

"From the Txuriurdin entity we want to convey our most sincere condolences to family and friends", says the statement. And they say goodbye with a "goian bego" (rest in peace).

Black days in Donostia

The Real Sociedad is living a tragic few days with the death of a fan and a member of the squad. The death of Unai Arruabarrena comes just a few days after the fateful death of Txomin Landa. This fan, a member of Real, died after suffering a heart attack in the middle of the game.

The fan had to be treated after feeling dizzy during the match between Real Sociedad and Espanyol in Anoeta. Paramedics were able to keep the partner alive and took him to hospital. It happened on Sunday, September 18, and five days later he died in hospital.

Txomin Landa, the dead Real fan

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This Saturday the terrible news of the death of the Donostia player Unai Arruabarrena was announced. The football world has been dismayed, especially the grassroots teams in the region. The cause of death has not been revealed, although everything points to the footballer having died of natural causes.

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