Valérie Pécresse and Christophe Castaner denounce the slogans “Macron assassin” chanted at the meeting of Eric Zemmour: follow the political news

At the Zenith, Yannick Jadot called on abstainers to mobilize and promised to act against lobbies

The Green candidate began his speech by saluting “the courage of Ukrainian men and women”as well as the “courage of the president [Volodymyr] Zelensky » as the audience chanted “Putin killer” in the spans of the Zénith de Paris. According to his team, between 4,000 and 5,000 people came to attend the big meeting of the environmental candidate for president. French, European and Ukrainian flags, as well as those of the Europe Ecologie-Les Verts or Génération·s party, are waved at regular intervals in this hall, which has a capacity of 6,800 people.

“We pacifists, having to defend peace with arms does violence to us, but we have seen Grozny and Aleppo razed to the ground”defended Yannick Jadot, before attacking without naming his competitor on the left, the “rebellious” Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “We remember the silences of the usually so talkative tribunes in a geopolitics lesson”he tackled, before continuing: “The old forces that have shared power for a long time have no lesson to teach us. »

saying to themselves “enemy of fossil fuels” and touting a strong Europe, the MEP gave his vision of a “another, better world, which wants to keep a living and sustainable planet”. “France is our home, Europe is our village, but we did not create the European Union to let migrants drown in the Mediterranean and the Channel”said Mr. Jadot, widely applauded by his supporters. “The stronger we are on April 10, the stronger you will be, the stronger peace and climate will be”he estimated.

Denouncing the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron, who mixed “the arrogance of Giscard and the brutality of Sarkozy”the environmentalist also criticized far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, who symbolizes “chaos, hatred and pain”. He also addressed the abstentionists and especially the youngest. “Don’t let anyone decide for you”shouted the candidate wearing a blue tie and a red Sidaction pin. “Young people of France, burst into this election. Come and jostle us with your anger, your enthusiasm, your magnificent diversity which makes the diversity of France.continued the candidate, arguing that“A country that mistreats its youth is doomed to disappear”. Pleading to impose the receipt that would put an end to racial profiling, invest in higher education, or even legalize cannabis, Mr. Jadot called on young voters to mobilize during the April 10 ballot.

The environmental candidate also promised to ban glyphosate and neonicotinoids. He boasted of his “agroecology and food sovereignty project”. Booing the consulting firm McKinsey and once again calling on TotalEnergies to leave Russia, Mr. Jadot said he wanted to fight against lobbies. “Who is running this country, the people or the lobbies? It’s up to the people to decide. The Republic of lobbies or the Ecological Republic? »asked the former director of campaigns for Greenpeace. “The effective vote, the useful vote in the first round, is the vote by conviction, we do not vote by default”he assured. “We do not vote by forgetting the past, by forgetting the ambiguities in the face of the conspirators of the health crisis”snapped Mr. Jadot, once again attacking Mr. Mélenchon. “I will not spare my efforts until the last minute to convince. Tomorrow belongs to us. Long live ecology, long live the Republic and long live France”concluded Mr. Jadot. “There are fourteen days left to turn our hopes into victory”he finished before the sound of The Marseillaise then a song from the album 1, 2, 3 Suns.

Brice Laemle

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