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For Delphine Batho, we must “hit Putin on the sinews of war, the money from fossil fuels”

On Public Senate, Delphine Batho, the spokesperson for the environmental candidate, Yannick Jadot, assured that on the subject of the war in Ukraine, “We must hit Putin on the sinews of war, the money from fossil fuels”which she says funds Moscow to the tune of $700 million a day.

“Yannick Jadot has been saying for several weeks that an embargo is needed, and other states of the European Union are on this position”including, according to her, countries “who are more dependent on Putin’s gas than France”.

However, “the solution is not to turn to another dependency, in this case that of American shale gas”but D’“Organizing the energy transition, a long-term response”.

In the shorter term, doing without Russian gas is possible, according to her, because “we have reservations”. As for next winter, she put forward the idea of ​​a single European buyer and a better diversity of supplies, to cope.

” What is missing “according to her, “is to invest massively in alternatives” to fossil fuels. Corn “the EU has included gas in the green taxonomy” which designates clean energies, and “it is an aberration”.

Furthermore, “we have set up state aid systems to put people in a dependency” energy, argued Mme Batho, citing in particular the example of “condensing boilers benefiting from MaPrimeRénov'”the government scheme to encourage homeowners to carry out energy improvement work.

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