very soon he will have control of all the cars of the State

The DGT wants to control all the vehicles that travel on our roads. Therefore, Tránsit's intention is that all cars, trucks and buses are connected to a control system. In this way they will know in real time the location of each one and even the speed.

They assure that this measure only seeks to improve the safety of drivers. But yes, vehicles will no longer be private places like they have been until now. Every time we get on it and go somewhere, someone will monitor our every move.

There will be thorough surveillance by the DGT on the person driving the car. They argue that the purpose of all this is to control the roads and prevent possible accidents. At the moment, drivers do not see this solution with good eyes as they are deprived of their privacy.

  1. When does the controversial measure of the DGT come into operation?
  2. The explanations given by the DGT
    1. Will it affect electric scooters?

When does the controversial measure of the DGT come into operation?

In any case, the idea of ​​Tránsit will continue and if nothing prevents it, by 2026 all vehicles must be connected to the platform. It has been under study for several years, specifically since 2017, but it was now when they were more willing to approve it.

From the General Directorate of Traffic they point out that what is being pursued with this is to reduce the accident rate on the roads. But also violations by drivers.

The purpose is that all vehicles traveling on Spanish roads are connected to the aforementioned platform. Be it cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles. It will be the way that this body can know what is happening on the different roads in our country in real time.

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But they will also have the possibility of knowing where we are going and how fast we are moving. So, it would be a bit intimidating to get behind the wheel.

What is unknown is whether this measure will also affect electric scooters. This type of vehicle is more and more present on our streets and it is not that it has a traffic regulation. A few days ago it was known that they would be forced to take out compulsory insurance to move.

The explanations given by the DGT

The DGT explains that with this proposal they seek to improve road safety conditions. They will be aware of the roads that support a greater concentration of traffic, in addition to knowing which ones circulate smoothly.

The importance of eCall systems is also discussed. It lets you know if an accident has occurred and its exact location. In this way everything will be simpler and faster when acting.

But the registration will also mean that there is a follow-up on the occupants of the cars. On the portal all disc they point out that "they could monitor the speed at which we drive and even how many people are in the car".

They have the ability to monitor our every move on a daily basis, but they have already warned that they won't. They will respect the privacy of the drivers at all times and focus only on the control of the tracks.

Civil Guard

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The intention is for this proposal to be implemented in Spain at the end of 2026. Therefore, over time we will learn more details about this approach that generates so much uncertainty. There is a lot of ignorance on the part of the drivers.

Will it affect electric scooters?

Although scooters must comply with a number of road rules, they are most likely not included in this regulation. There will be no need to register them. In any case, this possibility could not be ruled out if its use continues to grow so much in cities.

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