Víctor Janeiro and the crying that shows that what scared him so much has happened

Víctor Janeiro couldn't help but collapse during the latest broadcast of Nightmare in Paradise After all the criticism he has received for the attitude he has adopted in the contest, Víctor has shown his more sensitive side.

During all these weeks, Beatriz Trapote has not had it easy at all. More than once, the wife of the 'bullfighter' has had to face several ex-contestants and collaborators in defense of her husband.

Photograph of Víctor Janeiro in 'Nightmare in Paradise'

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Despite the fact that Víctor Janeiro is like a fish in water inside the realitymany have already cataloged it as the furniture of the edition; something that did not make the journalist very happy.

This Sunday, October 9, the brother of Jesus of Ubrique has become one of the undisputed protagonists of the gala he couldn't help but cry, after seeing what they had prepared for him.

  1. Víctor Janeiro was shocked
  2. Víctor Janeiro knows that his partner has not done as well as he has

Víctor Janeiro was shocked

What Víctor Janeiro least expected was to see his mother on a TV show. And it is that, a few months ago, Carmen Bazán decided to completely disassociate herself from the media in our country.

She has always been a very discreet woman who did not like overexposure, but on this occasion she has reappeared for a good cause.

Víctor Janeiro receives a visit from his mother, Carmen Bazán, in Nightmare in Paradise

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Víctor Janeiro's mother didn't think twice about going to the most famous farm in telecincto give a very emotional surprise to the contestant.

Just seeing his mother enter the door, the 'bullfighter' couldn't help but get excited live. "My champion. Don't cry for me, I'm here to cheer you up", said the matriarch of the Janeiro clan.

"You have an unbeatable family, children who are a charm, a wife who is a godsend, parents-in-law, your brothers, your sisters-in-law, your friends... We are all with you", assured Bazán, before making a small mention to Humberto, Victor's father.

"You continue as you are, worker, because your father taught you to work hard... We admire and love you, keep going, that's all I want." In addition, Víctor Janeiro's mother gave him important advice to reach the final of Nightmare in Paradise

"Keep moving forward, backward or to gain momentum. I like what you're doing, don't get into fights. The best advice I can give you is not to be with either one or the other, they are all phenomenal and they are all friends."

Before saying goodbye to the farmer, Carmen Bazán wanted to make it very clear that she was leaving "with the peace of mind that you are fine".

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Víctor Janeiro knows that his partner has not done as well as he has

Víctor Janeiro was not the only one who received a visit from a loved one. Steisy and Dani González also had the opportunity to meet again with Pablo Pisa. But, unlike the 'bullfighter', their meeting was very tense.

After weeks of seeing how the relationship between these two farmers got closer and closer, the television boyfriend decided to go to the farm to give his partner an ultimatum.

Pablo Pisa decided to visit Steisy

| telecinc

Before reuniting with the two companions of Víctor Janeiro, the organization decided to put Steisy's defender some high-pitched images of the girl and the friend.

"I find it embarrassing, he because he is my friend and she because she is my girlfriend, I feel like a fool. He was my friend, in the past, he won't be again", assured the young man, very upset by what he had just seen.

After seeing the images, Pablo had the opportunity to tell them to their faces everything that had bothered him. "I'm screwed, there are comments that are left over, the limits are set by a couple and I thought they were clear, I felt vacillated by my girlfriend and my friend".

After knowing everything her boyfriend felt, Steisy tried to iron out the matter, which Pablo immediately cut off. "If I see the images and it doesn't matter to me, we would have a problem as a couple."

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