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what we know about the second ongoing investigation

“We have all been devastated by the scenes that have been made public and I want to express my solidarity and my support for the family of Jeremy Cohen. » Traveling to Spézet, in Finistère, Emmanuel Macron asked Tuesday April 5 that all the light be shed on the death of Jeremy Cohen, a young man of the Jewish faith hit in mid-February by a tram in Bobigny, in Seine-Saint -Denis, following violence.

“Justice must pass, complete clarity must be made”continued the candidate president, stressing that“an investigation has been opened” and “justice conducts its work independently”. He wished “that the investigation be as fast as possible to provide answers” to the 31-year-old’s family.

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On Tuesday, Bobigny prosecutor Eric Mathais said the violence that preceded the 31-year-old’s death had no cause. “discriminatory grounds” at this stage of the investigation.

What happened on February 16

On Wednesday February 16, Jeremy Cohen, suffering from a non-visible disability as his family told Radio Shalom, was crossing the railway tracks when he was hit by a tram shortly after 8 p.m.

On a video widely shared on social networks on Monday, we see him receiving violent punches, surrounded by a dozen people. He falls to the ground, gets up and then runs across the roadway looking disoriented, before being hit by the tram. In cardio-respiratory arrest and victim of a head trauma, he died in hospital shortly after midnight. According to the family, a yarmulke was found near the body of the deceased.

Two open investigations

Following this tragedy, a first investigation was opened for what was then akin to a fatal traffic accident. But the family wonders, tows in the district of the drama and collects testimonies and a video.

“All the evidence has been handed over to the necessary authorities, both the police and the prosecution”, said Gérald Cohen, on Radio Shalom, indicating that the first investigation has been closed. A video, received on March 10 by the investigators, accredits the hypothesis of an altercation, according to a police source.

A second survey for “intentional violence in meetings” was opened, Bobigny prosecutor Eric Mathais said in a statement on Monday, because “the information collected quickly made it possible to understand that, a few moments before the accident, the victim had been subjected to violence”.

These procedures led to the opening of a judicial investigation on March 29 for “willful violence in meetings resulting in death without intention to give it”the “the highest possible qualification at this stage of the investigations”, said the prosecutor in his press release. The investigations are now entrusted to an investigating judge and the judicial police of the department.

No established anti-Semitic motive “to date”

As some presidential candidates on Monday raised a possible anti-Semitic motive for the attack that preceded the death of Jeremy Cohen, “No element to date makes it possible to establish with certainty whether or not the victim was wearing a yarmulke or not at the time of the scene of violence”Bobigny prosecutor Eric Mathais said at a press conference on Tuesday. The violence that preceded the death of the young man has therefore for the time being no “discriminatory grounds” at this stage of the investigation.

“The Cohen family does not come to cry anti-Semitism”had declared Monday evening on BFM-TV Franck Serfati, lawyer of the family. “It would be to distort the facts and to prejudge. But we must not exclude at the moment that it is the aggravating element of anti-Semitism. »

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