Win the lottery 4 times and send a message that no one expected

The lottery is that game of chance that we all play hoping to win, but almost never do. Of course there are exceptions that prove the rule, and some are very surprising. Mike Luciano, a 55-year-old man from Pennsylvania, has won the lottery four times.

The chances of the same person winning the lottery twice are unlikely. But for him to do it three times, four or more can already be considered a miracle very difficult to explain. Of course, nothing is impossible, and the only explanation is that chance is sometimes very capricious.

The amazing story of this lucky person has gone around the world, and he has taken the opportunity to send a message. Although this man has become a millionaire thanks to the lottery, he has advised others not to follow in his footsteps. "No one wins this many times without betting more than they should," he said.

  1. Four awards in 20 years: a real record
  2. Mike Luciano's message
  3. One in a million chance

Four awards in 20 years: a real record

The story of Mike Luciano begins in 1999, when at the age of thirty he won a prize of 100,000 dollars in the lottery. This first victory gave him wings to continue betting, and the decision could not have been more correct. He won another prize of three million dollars in 2016, and another prize of $500,000 in 2021.


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This man's amazing luck culminated in January of this year with a $1 million prize. During twenty years he has won four lottery prizes totaling 4 million dollars (4.6 million euros). Thus, his story has made him famous and traveled around the world.

Mike has used his fame to clarify that his luck is an uncommon rarity. Because of this, he has advised other people not to follow his example if they do not want to ruin themselves uselessly. He advises not to bet, especially to those who do not make ends meet who rely on the lottery to get out of poverty.

Mike Luciano's message

"People shouldn't do what I do. I'm not ungrateful, this is incredible and I couldn't be more pleased, but I don't want people to think it's going to happen to him," said this winner. He has also admitted that he has a gambling addiction and that he might be broke.

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He assures that the most normal thing is that he would have lost all the money in the game, and that if it hasn't happened it's because of a carom of fate. For this reason, he advises other people not to play compulsively or fall into the maelstrom of addictions. His is a unique case that will not be repeated.

"I don't know why I've been so blessed to win big prizes four times in my life. Most people only dream of an award, so I am aware that this is incredible," he said. Their gambling addiction means that despite the accumulated money they continue to play compulsively.

One in a million chance

Mike has also revealed some of the details that led him to win the lottery. The last time was thanks to his mother, who had an intuition and made him buy a 'scratch' in which he invested twenty dollars. When he saw that luck had smiled on him for the fourth time he could hardly believe it.

The ticket was worth a million dollars, so he drove to the lottery offices where they certified it as valid. The first to know was his wife, who believes that fate is returning her husband's kindness. "He's always helping people, and I think that's how he earns it," he says.

Winning a lottery draw is really difficult and the administration always recommends to bet responsibly. According to statistics, draws like La Primitiva in Spain offer a chance in 14 million of winning. Mike has broken down all the stats, but he's also left a very helpful tip.

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