Xisca Perelló makes a decision a week after the birth of the child with Rafa Nadal

Xisca Perelló has been admitted to the hospital since last August, both the doctors and her loved ones have been waiting for her since then. And the health of both the child and the mother is the most important.

So, these last few days, on medical advice, Xisca Perelló has decided to return home. The young woman has been discharged after giving birth to her first child. Last October 8, Rafael Nadal Jr was born, the first child of the famous couple. According to the Diario de Majorcathe birth was perfect, both the little one and Xisca are in optimal conditions.

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So the Balearic has left the hospital to go home with the family, the lives of both have taken a 180º turn. The birth of a child always disrupts everyone's routine and personal outlook and it was no different for them.

It has been a complicated few months for Xisca Perelló. The Mallorcan has suffered complications during her pregnancy and was even forced to put her life on hold.

  1. Xisca Perelló's health in danger
  2. Weeks of great anxiety

Xisca Perelló's health in danger

The girl was urgently hospitalized last August, news that worried everyone around her, both in her inner circle and her followers. However, not much information has been released about his condition.

The Nadal Perelló family is characterized by hermeticism regarding private matters. The exact reasons why Xisca had to be admitted have not been revealed, but it was known that the child was likely to be born prematurely. In addition, it seems that she had to undergo a small surgery to preserve the well-being of both of them. Fortunately, everything went well, although he had to stay in the hospital for the entire third trimester to monitor his health.

Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perello


Fortunately, parents can now enjoy their little one at home, where they should be. The baby was born in the 37th week of pregnancy, within the indicated dates so that it is not premature.

While Xisca Perelló remained silent, as usual, Rafa Nadal wanted to thank his fans for their unconditional support, and he did so through the Twitter account. He greeted all his followers and said that after a few days and all the messages he had received he wanted to say thank you. He also reported that they are all well.

Weeks of great anxiety

Rafa Nadal has been accompanying his love since he entered the hospital, although he has often had to travel to fulfill his professional commitments.

Roger Federer to Rafa Nadal


The tennis player had to go to the US Open competition, where he could not give his all because of his personal situation. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach the finals as he would have liked. He also went to his friend and rival Roger Federer's farewell tournament, where sentiment and emotion got the better of him. He couldn't hold back his tears and hold the hand of his beloved companion.

Now it seems that Xisca Perelló and the child have become the athlete's main concern. However, Rafa continues to attend to his professional commitments a Majorca.

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