Yannick Jadot offers free “local” public transport for six months, against the backdrop of rising energy prices and the war in Ukraine

While fuel prices have continued to rise since the start of the war in Ukraine, Yannick Jadot proposed on Friday 1er April on Franceinfo free public transport ” local “including the TER, for six months, if he is elected on April 24, in order to reduce the expenses of the French, save energy and lower fuel imports.

“We put it free for six months, compensated by the State”he said, defending “an emergency measure to promote public transport”. Where there is no public transport, Yannick Jadot wants to promote the development of carpooling lines, organized by mobile applications.

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An emergency measure also defended by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. During his speech given at the end of his “march for the VIand Republic”, ten days ago, the “rebellious” candidate had also pleaded for “totally free public transport, as long as the fuel crisis lasts”.

Decline in speed, thermal renovation and acceleration of the construction of renewable energy projects

Yannick Jadot also offered a bunch of other emergency solutions to take in this context of crisis on Friday morning. Among the measures, the EELV candidate notably suggested that“there may be speed reductions”arguing:

“It’s not on my agenda today, but let’s imagine that, to support the reduction or embargo of oil imports [russe]he [faille] reduce the speed for a few months by 10 kilometers per hour. Frankly, given what the Ukrainians take, the bombs they take to their heads, I think it’s a contribution that the French can make. »

Favorable to a European embargo on Russian oil and gas, Yannick Jadot is also opposed to the purchase of American shale gas to compensate for a possible shortage of energy next winter.

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To respond to this eventuality, it proposes, in addition to prioritizing building renovation work, implementing renewable energy construction projects which are “queued” in France, such as the construction of wind or photovoltaic farms. “We have the equivalent of 30% substitution of Russian gas [qui serait permise] by projects that have already been validated and are simply awaiting a signature”he continued, before suggesting: “Let’s put photovoltaics on all car parks, on supermarkets, on schools. »

These emergency proposals in the face of the war in Ukraine, inflation and the climate emergency, were unveiled by the candidate of the Greens on the day of the entry into force of the discount at the pump of 15 to 18 centimes per liter of fuel, promised by the government.

Other candidates for the presidential election are also proposing emergency measures, such as the blocking of prices at the pump defended by Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Eric Zemmour, the reduction in VAT on fuel carried by Mme Le Pen and the socialist candidate, Anne Hidalgo, or the blocking of basic necessities prices proposed by Mr. Mélenchon.

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